Why You Should Install an Outdoor Fireplace This Fall in Your New Albany, OH, Backyard

Installing an outdoor fireplace in your New Albany, OH, backyard can work wonders in helping your landscape feel like a natural part of your home. Moreover, fireplaces offer a variety of advantages that help justify their investment and maximize your backyard’s winter use.

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A Focal Point for Your Backyard

The combination of light, warmth, and an imposing presence turn an outdoor fireplace into a focal point. People tend to gravitate toward them in parties, especially during the colder days, making them natural places to congregate and converse. A well-placed fireplace can also help draw attention to surrounding masonry, especially patios where they help create a wonderfully cozy ambiance.


Adding Value to Your Home

Fireplaces are a highly sought after landscape feature that offer a great return on investment. They can not only raise the curb appeal of your home but also help raise the value. However, to maximize the advantages, a great deal of attention and expertise must go into the design and installation of the fireplace. In particular, the choice of materials, the placement of the fireplace, and attention to safety are vitally important to get the best return on investment from your fireplace. Positioning your fireplace so that it is visible from your living room windows is also a great way to draw attention to it from indoors.


Another Great Way to Cook

Fireplaces are a natural complement to an outdoor kitchen and grill. The fireplace itself can be used to grill hotdogs and marshmallows, giving you the same rustic feel of the traditional campfire in a more attractive package. Custom fireplaces with built-in bread and pizza ovens, immersing you in the intoxicating smells of freshly baked bread as you enjoy your evenings.

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Winter Usability

As we move toward fall and colder months, your new fireplace will play a pivotal role in keeping your backyard usable through the colder evenings. It is important to install the fireplace close to the sitting areas of your yard to keep them warm and cozy. You can also think about installing a double-sided fireplace that can warm up more people and multiple sections of your backyard. A gas fireplace is generally the more viable option compared to a wood-burning fireplace if you plan to use it throughout winter due to the clean-burning flame and minimal smoke emission.


Style and Aesthetics

One of the primary reasons behind the desirability of fireplaces in modern backyards is how they add to the overall aesthetics of the landscape design. Fireplaces can be installed in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes. For more traditional homes, an ornate fireplace with an old-fashioned large chimney could be the ideal way to go. For more modern homes, you have the option of a sleek, minimalist fireplace that integrates modern materials such as steel and glass into its design.

In addition to the style, the choice of materials should also conform to the existing masonry in your landscape design. Concrete wall stones and pavers are excellent in this regard, giving you a wide range of color and textures to help your fireplace blend in well. Finding a perfect match isn’t important but sticking to a central theme while still allowing your fireplace to stand out offers an ideal balance.