Investing in the construction of an outdoor kitchen is a significant step in the process of developing your property. But it can’t be done lightly: Protect the investment you’re about to make by trusting the project to experienced professionals who will think about the needs of your outdoor kitchen over the long term, through the seasons and the various weather conditions that will hit your Dublin, OH, landscape. The end result will be a stylish and fully functional space for many days and nights of outdoor cooking, dining, and fun.

Consider the Potential Ravages of Weather

Weather elements, from rain and sun to a mix of very high and very cold temperatures, and even daily condensation, can have real, permanent consequences.

Withstand the Effects of Weather in Your Dublin, OH, Outdoor Kitchen

To minimize damage, thought must be given to the materials and maintenance demands of each element of your landscape. Leave this level of comprehensive foresight to a landscape contractor who knows the environmental demands of your area and the materials that can withstand a variety of conditions.

Plan for Protection

The initial planning stages of your outdoor kitchen will involve consideration of where it will go and how to you’re most likely going to use it. This planning is more than thinking about the appliances and the cooking area. It should also involve thought to whether you need plantings, a fence, or a wall to help protect your new kitchen from wind and windblown rain. A pergola, perhaps with a permanent or retractable top, could offer even further protection from both rain and direct sun.

Materials Matter

From the countertops to the types of screws and fasteners that seal every part, the details matter in the construction of an outdoor kitchen. Thought will be given to whether anything used could rust or crack, or whether unprotected colors will fade in an unappealing way. Rust-proof metal, strong and durable stone, and specially manufactured outdoor products are made to withstand the hazards of weather. The patio, cabinets, countertops, and furniture should be weatherproofed.

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Ongoing Care

Paying attention to what your outdoor kitchen needs after it’s been constructed will ensure the amount of use you get out of it over time. Leaf buildup and mildew growth would not be conducive to using the kitchen, of course. Proper preparation for winter will be necessary to keep the kitchen protected, the furniture clean, and everything in working condition when you’re ready to use it again. Winterization involves a thorough cleaning, from the countertops and cabinets to the inside of the fridge, as well as shutting off and draining the water lines. The grill and furniture will need to be covered, and some accessories may need to be brought inside.

The number of days when you can use your outdoor kitchen can be extended when you provide it with proper shelter and bring in some much-needed warmth for chilly nights. An outdoor fireplace can also extend how you use your kitchen by giving you another cooking source. A pizza oven could be incorporated for easy dinner decisions on busy weekday evenings.

Ohio living means appreciating the best that weather has to offer—and preparing for the worst of it. Your outdoor kitchen will contribute to this effort in more ways than one. Brave the cold by the warmth of a fire, and you’ll be able to enjoy many, many meals in your outdoor kitchen, for as many days of the year as possible.