Why You Should Consider a Retaining Wall as Part of Your Upper Arlington, OH, Landscaping Project


Some homeowners only view retaining walls as a solution to water problems in the backyard, but a well-designed retaining wall can actually highlight certain parts of your Upper Arlington, OH, property and give you more usable space. If you are considering a new landscaping project, look at the many ways that a retaining wall can add beauty and function to your backyard.

What Does a Retaining Wall Do?

The main function of a retaining wall is to hold back dirt and to divert runoff from rain that can flood a property. They also fix slope problems that interfere with your ability to use your backyard to the maximum. Known mostly for their strength and durability, retaining walls can be overlooked as an option even though they can be quite attractive and unique in their own right, and can add visual interest to the landscape.

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Retaining Wall for Slopes

Installing a retaining wall to fix a problem with a slope in the yard that causes the stormwater to run like a gulley down your property and often into a neighbor’s yard could be a great idea. Many times this could be the only permanent way to fix a serious runoff problem.

When you add a retaining wall for this reason, what starts out as a solution to a problem can actually become a very pretty addition. Consider adding wide stone steps along with the wall to give you access to the upper portion of the yard for other uses such as a play area for the kids or a lovely flower and vegetable garden.

If you decide to make your retaining wall tiered, or with several levels, then each level can be used for a specific purpose. One section could be the home of flowering shrubs or ornamental grasses that give a vertical, wispy appearance to the yard. Another section could be a bed of herbs and flowers for the person who loves to cook. You can do anything you want with the tiers, all while having no more stress when a storm comes and the water rushes down because your retaining wall has been engineered to divert that water to a safer runoff space.

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Retaining Wall for the Front Yard

Sometimes, no matter what you do, your front yard lacks interest and a focal point. The retaining wall can take care of this problem as retaining walls have rough stones of natural hues, a flat surface on the top, and can be designed to fit your home’s architecture and style perfectly.

This type of retaining wall is the ideal place to plant trailing, flowering vines that spill over the edges. It is so easy to add pillars and steps to the wall to create an clear entry to your walkway or to use the wall itself as a definition of the entire entryway. Many times adding a small seating area within the retaining wall can create a sense of intimacy and unexpected delight for your visitors.

Retaining Wall for Patio Privacy

If you love to spend time outdoors on your patio but don’t always wish to talk to the neighbors, a retaining wall surrounding the patio can give you some privacy without seeming to shut out the neighbors. Not only does a retaining wall that has gorgeous landscaping around the outside look eye-catching, but this type of wall can give you more seating space for a cookout or just for when friends drop by for a drink.