Why You Need an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit in Lewis Center, OH

This time of year, when the temperature dips low in Lewis Center, OH, your mind may be focused on the many ways of getting warm. You may be thinking of spring and committing to the idea of spending more time outside as soon as the weather warms up. How can you ensure spending more time in your landscape when the seasons allow for it? Many homeowners have discovered that an outdoor fireplace or fire pit extends the hours they can spend comfortably out of doors—the heated warmth mixed with cool breezes and the beauty of the landscape make them reluctant to go inside. Even better, perhaps, an outdoor fireplace gives you a place to gather with your friends and family.  


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A Social Place to Be 

Cool evenings are fairly common around here, of course, but a drop in the temperature does not have to always mean forgoing entertaining or crowding into the indoor living room. The installation of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit offers a magnetic landscape feature—the warmth and glow attract people to gather around and socialize. It can add to the fun of your entertaining efforts and also get you more affirmative responses when you invite neighbors over to hang out by your fire feature. Warmth and comfort are difficult for anyone to resist. With the addition of comfortable seating options—perhaps even a seating wall that encompasses your fire feature area or patio—you have curated a backyard living room that becomes ideal for entertaining adults, children, and everyone in between.


More Dinners Outside

For many homeowners, alfresco dining is one of life’s simple yet unbeatable pleasures. Cooler weather makes it a challenge, but a strategically placed fire feature extends the number of evenings you can pull off an intimate dining experience or outdoor family gatherings around 6 p.m. or later. Depending on the way you fuel the fire feature you opt for, you may even be able to cook with it, such as beef kabobs or shrimp skewers for an easy, fun, and casual dinner around the outdoor fireplace. Dessert could be s’mores. Consider incorporating a pizza oven to your outdoor fireplace as well to add to your outdoor cooking options. 


Add Value to Your Home

While it may not be on the same playing field as a remodeled indoor kitchen, adding an outdoor fireplace can add value to your home, and it does it without having to tear anything down or move existing walls! Considered a must-have for a luxury home by some buyers, an outdoor fireplace can increase curb appeal and add to your home’s overall value. However, it may be awhile before you want to sell your home once you realize how enjoyable your new outdoor fireplace or fire pit can be.

As an in-demand trend for landscaping upgrades, an outdoor fireplace or firepit in your backyard would greatly add to your livable space, while allowing for easy and fun entertaining. It is also something that tends to be appreciated across all age groups, even if you have a teenager in your family. And as an added bonus, you will have potentially added to the value of your home. 


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