Stunning landscape design in Hilliard OH - with top pergola



Looking for a way to add an attractive element to your backyard? How about a way to add just the right amount of shade? A pergola offers a unique structural addition that is pleasing to the eye and can help to add privacy to your landscape design or obstruct what used to be an unpleasant view. There are many styles and shapes of pergolas to choose from, as well as ways that you can customize your new pergola to your needs and visual tastes. But which style is right for you? Read on and we’ll tell you all about some of the best pergola designs you can choose for your Hilliard, OH, home.


Wooden Pergola

Posts, beams, and latticework are the hallmark of this traditional pergola style. Whether made of rustic looking redwood or perfectly painted to complement your home, wooden pergolas are a great addition to farmhouse, Bohemian, shabby chic, and traditional styles. Wooden pergolas also are a great way to add an unobtrusive structure to your backyard or pool area; when you wind natural vines or flowers through them, they blend into the scenery beautifully! Wooden pergolas also make excellent poolside make-shift cabanas when you add beach chairs and billowy outdoor curtains.

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Metalwork Pergola

Wrought iron and custom-made metal pergolas are a unique way to add a metallic accent to your landscape that you may not have considered. This type of garden structure is long-lasting, and offers tan artistic element or modern design to your outdoor space. Custom-made metal pergolas can add an edgy feel to your outdoor space that fits right in with other unconventional designs. A wrought-iron pergolas could elevate your outdoors with an upscale, traditional look that seems sophisticated and timeless when paired with bold blooms and twisting vines. If you have a modern, contemporary or avant-garde style home, a metal pergola could be a fitting solution for your shade needs.


Mixed Materials

The sky’s the limit when it comes to constructing your pergola, so perhaps the best option is to have one constructed for you out of mixed materials. Searching for something a little more bold? A stone pergola may be just the addition you need to complete your landscape design. You could choose to construct your stone pergola out of materials to complement your existing paver patio, or pick contrasting masonry for a finished product that stands out. Stone pergolas can work particularly well for rustic or contemporary style homes.

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Then your stone columns could be topped by wooden beams. This aesthetic makes for an excellent design option that fits into many homeowners’ needs and styles. Masonry and metalwork paired together could be another way to customize and create a clean, modern pergola style. Keep in mind that foliage, drapery, and other accessories can be a part of the overall design aesthetic of your pergola to give your structure a truly original feel.

No matter what type of pergola you decide to add to your outdoor space, there’s one fact to know: You will be adding beauty and value to your property that you and your guests will enjoy for years to come.