What Do Pillars Add to a Worthington, OH, Landscape Design?

A beautiful landscape design doesn’t stop with horizontal elements like patios, walkways, lawns, and planting beds. The vertical elements are just as important, and a few in particular add a lot of interest as well as practicality. So if you’re wondering whether to add pillars to your Worthington, OH, landscape, here’s your handy guide for how these features can offer both a practical and dramatic effect.


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Driveway Entrances

Give your driveway a touch of elegance with beautiful matching masonry pillars. Add outdoor lights for a warm welcome, some stylish house numbers, and you can offer your guests a warm and luxurious welcome! If your mailbox is situated at the end of the driveway, integrate it into a masonry pillar (either one of the twins that flank the driveway or a stand-alone unit).



Pillars—either a matching pair or solo—as part of a walkway add interest and an opportunity to integrate landscape lighting. If you already have an old-school lamp post beside the walkway, update it with a masonry veneer for a fresh and stylish new look.



At the front door, a stately pair of pillars clearly says, “You’ve arrived” (in style). Entryway pillars may support a portico (the small roofed structure that shelters the front door if there’s no front porch), or they may support porch columns. Another option is having them serve as stand-alone, purely decorative features or have them enclose a mailbox. They may be topped with lights or small statues, colorful pots filled with flowers, or they can be left simple and unadorned. You can even transform a pillar into a water feature for a touch of drama at the front door. Adding masonry veneer at the front entry continues the flow of pillars from the driveway to the walkway and finally to the front door.


Retaining Walls, Fences, and Seat Walls

Pillars are often used at the ends of walls and fences to define them and finish the look. Add an L-shaped seat wall to one or both sides of a grill station and finish the look with a pillar that balances the taller structure of the grill station. Not only will you add seating (and a place to rest a drink) but you’ll define the space and create cozy ambience. Add a sturdy and elegant look to a split rail, picket, or wrought iron fence with masonry pillars.


At the Bottom and Top of Garden Stairs

Pillars can be used to anchor handrails, and provide a way to integrate landscape lighting without the need for stand-alone fixtures.


Additional Seating

Installing a wooden bench between two pillars is another way to add overflow seating and keep a patio free from clutter. A flat pillar cap can serve double duty as a “coffee table” or a place to put colorful flower pots.


Special Features

Create a stunning nighttime light show by placing copper or concrete fire bowls on top of pillars. This is an exceptional way to frame a beautiful view or to create a dramatic surround for a patio. Pillars can also house small fountains to add movement and tranquility to a backyard retreat.  


Good landscape design always looks at the big picture. The beauty of decorative pillar design is that the possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Pillars are a simple way to add vertical interest to your landscape, and offer many practical functions as well. 


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