Using a Retaining Wall as Part of Your Patio Seating Plan in Your Lewis Center, OH, BackyardRetaining walls are necessary structures for many Lewis Center, OH, homes. They help to prevent erosion on your property and help to give your landscape a finished, upscale look. However, many homeowners don’t realize that their retaining walls can do double-duty. They can be used for more than just holding back the soil. Read on and we’ll show you all the ways you and your guests can use retaining walls to take a seat in your backyard!

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Outdoor Dining

By their very design, retaining walls often lend your property a natural elevated space that’s perfect for installing a paved patio. Whether it’s located just off your back door, or incorporated into a larger space, adding a patio into your retaining wall plan creates a cohesive look that’s as useful as it is beautiful. Simply add a dining table and chairs, and you’ve got the perfect place to sit and enjoy a meal outdoors. 

Retaining Wall Bench

Need a little extra seating space? Consider having your retaining wall double as a comfy place to take a seat. Ask your trusted mason about having a bench built into the framework of your retaining wall for a great way to make the most of your space. Just toss in a few cushions and you’ll have a cozy spot to sit on your patio without ever having to pull up a chair. When the season is over, simply stash your cushions away. Your outdoor patio furniture is easy to care for. 

Poolside Seating

Extend your patio and create a poolside perch when you utilize your retaining wall in a creative way. If you have a sloping backyard that leads to a pool, a retaining wall patio is a great way to make the most use of your space. This tiered-type of patio is the perfect place to lay out with a good book and a cold drink while you watch the kids play in the pool. This type of patio can turn an otherwise wasted space into an invaluable backyard addition. With a few chaise lounge chairs and a low side table, you’ll be amazed at how you can use a retaining wall to create patio seating that’s both useful and unique. 

Fireside Semi-Circle

Sitting by the fire on your patio is never a problem when you already have a seat built right in. If you’re considering having a fire pit installed on your patio, be sure to situate it near a retaining wall on your property for the perfect way to make your structures do double-duty. Ask your mason about installing the retaining wall in a semi-circular layout to best compliment the fire pit. Or if you already have a fire pit on your property, see if you can have a retaining wall built around it. 

Retaining walls can seem like a boring but necessary upgrade to your property. But with a little ingenuity, you can turn this utilitarian installation into a fun patio addition. With the right planning, a little vision and some help from your trusted contractor, your must-have retaining walls can become a welcome backyard addition that you’ll be sure to enjoy.

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