The Importance of Contrast in Landscape Design in Bexley, OH

Design can be tricky, especially when it comes to updating the outdoor living spaces at your Bexley, OH, home. Too much of one material can make any project look like one-dimensional and downright boring. That’s why contrast is so important when it comes to creating a landscape design that’s visually pleasing to the eye. If you want to create a backyard oasis that looks like it’s straight out of a décor magazine, then designing various areas of visual interest is a must! Check out these design elements to consider when planning your exterior play space. Using these, you’ll be sure to create an outdoor oasis that shines. 


Monochrome colors can be beautiful and sophisticated, but also very boring. It’s definitely possible to stay in the same color family when choosing materials to pave and install into your projects, but monotone hues will look best if you choose to use a variety of shades. For example, if you decide to pave your patio in a light gray color, consider adding contrast with dark gray pavers on the borders, on accent areas, or in paved seating spaces. 

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As in nature, any landscape is more beautiful when multiple materials come into the mix. If you feel like your backyard living space is a sea of stone pavers, then warm up the landscape with a wooden pergola. The contrast of stone and wood works beautifully together to create a naturally sophisticated feel. Wooden accents can also be added to other paved areas. Consider benches or wooden outdoor seating to help visually break up a monotonous feel. 

Laying Patterns

Do you love the look of the pavers your chose, but you still want to create a look that’s a little more dynamic? Consider changing up your laying patterns. Depending on the type of pavers you choose, you could change up the look of your landscape simply by using a little bit of creative masonry. This works especially well with brick paved spaces, as there are a variety of interesting ways to lay brick. Try adding a strip of brick in a herringbone pattern for a great way to add contrast and modernize the look of your patio, walkway, or any paved space. 

Expertly Planned Plantings

Gorgeous greenery and well-picked flowers can go a long way towards beautifying the feel of your backyard. A gorgeous garden of blooms can make retaining walls seem less drab, and pruned hedges and shrubs can help to add some much-needed greenery to a stone paved space. Ask your landscape design professional how they can utilize your favorite flora in your outdoor plan to help create much-needed contrast. 

Mixing your materials, colors, and textures on your backyard landscape project is essential to creating a finished look that really pleases the eye. Decorative accents, complimentary outdoor furniture, and well-thought plantings can all go a long way to help you achieve an overall effect that looks like it was meant to go together. Ask your landscape professional what they would suggest to help mix things up in your backyard. You’ll be sure to create a space that’s beautiful and dynamic. 

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