The Appealing Functionality of Seat Walls for Your New Albany, OH, Paver Patio


Seat walls are absolutely ingenious elements of a well-used outdoor space. Not only do they define spaces and provide extra seating, they have a few hidden surprises too! Let’s explore the appealing functionality of seat walls for your New Albany, OH, paver patio.

Makes Outdoor Life Less Cluttered


Indoors and out, clutter detracts from the enjoyment of a space. A lot of yard furniture is clumsy, hard to move around (except by the wind), difficult to store attractively in the off-season, and can potentially scratch the surface of your patio if people carelessly drag it around. A half-dozen camp chairs scattered around the patio don’t say “elegant”—but a seat wall does. It can the place of clunky yard furniture that you had lingering near the outdoor kitchen, fireplace or fire pit, or water feature.

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Hidden Features Are Possible

Seat walls don’t have to be solid masonry. You can incorporate lighting, speakers, and even storage (when you need a warm throw on a chilly evening but don’t want to make the trek back to the house). Built-in storage, lighting, or speakers serve to make the space less cluttered while giving you the amenities you want.


Looks Great in All Seasons

Outdoor furniture is generally put away or covered in the off-season, but no such fuss is needed with seat walls. If you’re not going to be using them year-round, seat walls can serve as great reminders of fun times had and fun times to come—or a place to put seasonal decorations and beautiful lights.

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Makes Your Yard Look Bigger

Seat walls make your yard look bigger because they do away with clutter, but their shapes also help draw the eye away from the size of the yard to its features and amenities. For example, even a square postage-stamp sized yard can be made into a series of intimate outdoor rooms using seat walls, making it feel as though there’s a lot more living to do in this diminutive space than if it were all one space. By using curves, you guide the eye away from the perimeter of the property (which makes it feel closed in) and toward each element of the landscape.


Invites Conversation

Circular seat walls, such as those around fire pits, naturally encourage conversation. People have been gathering in circles around fires for millennia, and with good reason. Since they’re essentially benches, seat walls allow people to sit closer together than they could if they are sitting on individual pieces of furniture. Seat walls are a great way to host larger parties without worrying about where everyone will sit—and they make it easy to form small conversation groupings.


Creates a Sense of Place

Seat walls say, “This is the place.” Not only do they give definition to a space, it’s clear—because they are built to sitting height—that people are meant to gather there.


Sophisticated Elegance

The lack of clutter, careful attention to materials and colors, and thoughtful positioning of a seat wall can transform an ordinary yard into a stunning outdoor retreat. Matching the seat wall to your home’s architectural style automatically makes the backyard a sophisticated extension of your living space while adding value to your home.