Snow & Ice Removal

Residential/Commercial Snow Removal

Snow and Ice can be a real pain.

Keep your property safe from the hazards of ice and snow

Our experienced snow removal team use special salts and materials that are specifically designed to protect surfaces and plants.  We also ensure that services provided pose no danger to pets or animals on the property.


  • Remove snow and ice from all surfaces
    • Special formula ice-melt “salt” safe for surfaces, plants and pets
    • Trained and experienced operators
  • On call or as needed service
Landscaping Bexley OH - snow removal

Residential Snow Removal

  • As needed/called in/contract
  • Driveways/sidewalks cleaned

Commercial Snow Removal

  • Top priority service (on contract)
  • Clear snow and apply ice-melt on parking lots and sidewalks

Large Commercial Snow Removal

  • Business/shopping center/apartments/condominium/church/private drives

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