Have you ever attended an outdoor party and thought to yourself, “I wish I had a patio like this!” The good news is that you can replicate what you’ve seen—and very likely what caught your attention at someone else’s home was their outdoor fire feature. A fire pit can greatly elevate the outdoor living use of your Lewis Center, OH, patio. These are the options for what your new fire pit could look like.

Round Fire Pits

A round fire pit can be placed pretty much anywhere on a small or large patio. Complementing modern or traditional architecture, a round fire pit can be recessed into your patio, or it can be built above it. You can add simple Adirondack chairs around the perimeter for a classy look or more casual chairs with cushions. If you want to go further, consider adding a low stone retaining wall with built-in seating to your cozy round fire pit.

Linear Fire Pits

A rectangular fire pit lends itself to a more formal landscape design. With the angular lines of contemporary architecture, a rectangular fire pit fits the aesthetic. Choosing large paving stones can bring a boldness to the look, whereas smaller paving stones appear somewhat less formal. Add some stainless steel to your linear fire pit to create shine and reflection.

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Square Fire Pits

A square fire pit can be as large or small as you want. It can be the focal point of your outdoor landscape, or it can be just one of the beautiful aspects of your yard. The square shape fits most landscape designs, and allows family and friends to gather around to enjoy the pleasure of a fire.

Fire Pit Options

If you love the look and smell of a campfire, a wood-burning fire pit can be for you. Be sure to use only aged wood to minimize the popping and the moisture that can leave soot and residue behind. Or, if convenience is more your style, any shape fire pit can be outfitted with gas so that you can turn it on and off with a switch. The added convenience is no mess to clean up. Landscape lighting around the fire pit area can extend the use of your fire feature into the late evening. Not only will you have the light from the flickering fire, but you will have additional lights to create a nighttime mood of intimacy and snug comfort.

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Fun Additions for a Fire Pit

There are some fun items to add to your fire pit supplies. Since people of any age love to make s’mores, keep some marshmallow roasting sticks nearby in an outdoor storage area. It might go without saying that napkins, paper plates, and wet wipes for cleaning sticky hands will come in handy. Keep some throws accessible, too, for when it gets chilly later in the evening so that you won’t have to run back and forth to the house.

A fire pit can effectually makes your patio another room of your home—and probably the most enjoyable one. A professional outdoor living specialist can assist you with a design that is perfect for your landscape design.