Landscaping With Pets in Mind in Westerville, OH


For many of us, our pets are part of the family. Even when they dirty the carpet with muddy paw prints, we might get annoyed but we still love them. If you are considering new landscaping for your Westerville, OH, property, you can take into account the impact your pets will have on the lawn and shrubs to ensure any changes you have made accommodate your beloved pets’ tendencies and keep them happy, too.

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A very grassy yard can inspire pets to do their business in the same spot every day, which can lead to a noticeable problem in the appearance of your lawn. Dogs running along the same path day after day can also take a toll on the grass’s health—and the repeated track will look noticeable after extended use.

Landscaping choices can minimize such issues. An extended patio area would reduce the opportunities for animals using the grass in a way that you would not prefer. Incorporating crushed stone mulch instead of pine needles can keep the digging to a minimum while still presenting a pleasing appearance for your backyard.

Adding a small spouting water feature in one area of the crushed stone can be a handy way to keep water available for your pets, while also providing them with some entertainment.


Borders to your backyard can keep your pet confined to the safety of the yard and keep unwanted visitors out. Consider beautiful stone walls or contemporary fencing to show your pets the dividing line between where their home is and where the next property begins. Another idea is to consider installing a stepping stone path alongside the fence perimeters where dogs naturally run, as this eliminates the dirt path that could inevitably develop there.

Shelter and Shade

Shelter from the weather and shade from the hot sun are critical for any pets, whether you have a dog, cat, or pet pig. For shade, you could add shade cloths to a pergola, to provide a welcoming respite from the sun’s heat to your pets as the both of you relax outside.


Avoid thorny or toxic plants in the landscape where your pets will be spending a majority of their time. Keep the compost pile away from where they are likely to roam, as some of the broken down material or bugs may make your pet sick.

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Play Areas

Planning a play area for your cats and dogs can increase their outdoor enjoyment. A grassy spot of a different type than the yard can grow tall to create hiding places. For cats that love to scratch, posts anchored deep in the ground gives them a place to trim to claws and steers them away from scratching the tree trunks.

If you love the idea of creating a safe play space for your pets that still looks pretty all year long, consult a landscape expert with experience in designing with pets in mind. They will come out to look at the site with you, and discuss how you want your space to function. Once they have a plan, you can review it and make modifications until it is exactly what you want.