Landscaping for Neat Lawns, Walkways, and Edging in Powell, OH

The secret to a landscape that looks finished comes down to one word: details. Like a good haircut, the details matter! Even a relaxed and natural landscape can feel finished if a few details are attended to. In this post, we will explore landscaping for neat lawns, walkways, and edging in Powell, OH.


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Neat Lawns

You’ve seen lawns that could be the envy of an English manor: lush, vibrantly green, not a weed in sight, mowed to the perfect height, no dry or yellowed patches, no bare spots, and edged to perfection. To achieve a neat lawn, it takes a lot of work. You can hire professionals to give your lawn the TLC it needs. Ongoing lawn care involves: soil amendment, dethatching, aerating, deep and infrequent watering, weed management, fertilization, and proper mowing. 


Neatly trimmed edges provide the final touch that makes your lawn look neat and tidy. Clean, crisp edging is the hallmark of a professionally maintained landscape. 



Edging provides a barrier that keeps grass, mulch, and decorative stone from migrating. There are several edging options to choose from to keep grass from invading a walkway or driveway. You can also use edging to contain mulch and decorative rock. Choose edging that is most practical for your lifestyle and that complements your home, including the following.


Metal or plastic edging is a durable and inexpensive option for a nice crisp edge. The biggest drawbacks to metal or plastic edging are that they can damage or be damaged by mower blades. Plastic edging should be replaced periodically as UV exposure causes it to become brittle.


A low masonry wall adds a sophisticated touch and value to your home. This is a great option if you want attractive, permanent edging with virtually no maintenance or the need for replacement. Professional installation will give the best results. Use a weed trimmer along this edging for a clean look.


A dry stack stone wall gives your landscape a rustic touch while maintaining a neat appearance. As with a masonry wall, proper installation will ensure a long-lasting wall. Use a weed trimmer to prevent damage to the wall.


Wood edging adds a relaxed touch while separating mulched areas from the lawn. The types of wood most often used as edging include cedar, redwood, and cypress, which are naturally rot-resistant. All wood, including pressure-treated wood, can be treated with an oil-based penetrating oil finish for a longer lifespan.


Concrete mow strips are an interesting option. Typically 8” deep, they can be customized by tinting the concrete with earth tones or applying a tile or paver veneer. Wider mow strips 12-15”) can serve double duty as walkways.


Masonry unit edging lets you match existing hardscapes for a unified look. Choose units that are tall enough to be buried deep in the ground to minimize movement due to the freeze-thaw cycle.


Attractive Walkways

First impressions are lasting. Make the walk to the front door as welcoming (and safe) as possible. Consider replacing your poured concrete walkway with pavers, which are not only more beautiful and complementary to your home’s architecture, but also more durable.  


Prune back any shrubs or trees that impede traffic flow. For a neat look, plantings along the home’s foundation should be done in tiers. Shrubs should be lower than the windows along the foundation, and shorter flowers or other plants (such as ground covers) should be closer to the walkway to open it up visually. 


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