Landscaping Lewis Center OH - landscape design and patios

Are you feeling inspired to upgrade your landscape? If you’re thinking about a complete landscape makeover or a few small changes with a huge impact, here are some great landscape design ideas for the ultimate outdoor living space in Lewis Center, OH.

A Fun Game Area

Make use of a neglected side yard to put some fun and games into backyard living. Side yards let you enjoy bocce, horseshoes, outdoor bowling, or croquet without taking up space or trampling your lawn.

Upgraded Lighting

Landscape lighting transforms your landscape after dark. Specialty lighting techniques such as moonlighting, spotlighting, silhouetting, or grazing will bring interest, ambience, and of course safety and security to your backyard.

Interesting Walkways

If you’re tired of people trampling the lawn to get from here to there, or if your dated poured concrete walkway just doesn’t cut it next to your stylish home, consider a beautiful paver walkway. Concrete pavers let you transform a humble walkway into a functional work of art. Just add romantic lighting and a cozy bench for the ultimate welcome!

A Tranquil Water Feature

Few things wash away your daily stresses better than the soothing sights and sounds of water. Fountains, ponds, waterfalls, water walls, or serene reflecting pools add a magical quality to your landscape. Water features can be any size, shape, or style you want, in keeping with your design style. Consider, for example, a water wall beside a tucked-away dining area. Not only does this make for sophisticated alfresco dining, it also serves to add privacy and tranquility!

A Zen


Embrace the simplicity and tranquility of Japanese-style garden designs to create a hidden courtyard, a peaceful meditation corner, or cozy breakfast nook. Complete the look with monochromatic plantings, a comfortable bench, and an interesting rock or sculpture surrounded by gravel that can be raked into precise lines.

A Mediterranean Dining Area

Rustic, tumbled pavers, a pergola covered in climbing vines, and string lights give your backyard a wonderful Mediterranean flair. Surround the space with fruit trees and add a fountain – you’ll swear you’re enjoying life at a Tuscan villa!

A Place to Warm Up

Add an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or fire table to extend your enjoyment of the great outdoors. A fireplace can become a focal point of backyard living. A fire pit brings campfire fun to the family, and a fire table makes for a chic and sophisticated dining experience.

A Full Kitchen

If you find that you’re making too many trips to the house when grilling, consider a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Not only will this be more conv

enient, but it will transform your outdoor living space into the hub of summertime family activity!

An Eco-Friendly Driveway

A permeable driveway made of specially designed concrete pavers is a stylish and eco-friendly alternative to boring concrete or asphalt. Let rainwater and snowmelt percolate naturally to the aquifer, instead of pooling in low-lying spots or causing runoff.

If you’ve ever struggled finding space for everyone to sit at a large party – or dealt with the nuisance of dragging extra patio furniture out for parties – you’ll welcome the beauty and practicality of masonry seat walls made of natural stone or manufactured stone. Integrate lighting into seat walls, and you have a functional element that also adds beauty and interest.

These are just a few ideas for giving your landscape a facelift. We’re passionate about outdoor living, and we will create a backyard sanctuary you, your family, and friends will treasure!