Landscape Design Ideas for Making a Powell OH Property Appear More Spacious

Are you feeling cramped in your small backyard? When elbow room is scarce and some family members want to play a loud game while others want to relax, what can you do to keep the peace and enjoy the great outdoors? Here are landscape ideas for making a Powell, OH property appear more spacious.

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Bigger isn’t always better. A huge backyard can have its perks, but while working within a small footprint can have its challenges, small-space designs can tick the boxes on everyone’s wish lists and the final design can also be extremely rewarding. With some expertise and creativity, you can use every inch of your small backyard to its full potential. 


Know Your Goals and Be Ready To Downsize Them

What specific activities do you and your family want to enjoy in the backyard? What is standing in the way of that with the current design? If certain activities just won’t work in a space, are there fun alternatives that would work? And speaking of current activities, will these be ongoing or will they be outgrown in a few years? Once you know exactly what you want to do in your backyard, you can start thinking about specific elements that will meet your needs.


A pool is on the wish list for many families, but small spaces mean that the pool would take up the entire backyard – which means that outside of the relatively short Ohio pool season, your backyard would be virtually unusable! One solution is to downsize to a dipping pool (about half the size of a pool you might otherwise consider) or a hot tub. Most other elements can be downsized as well: instead of a full outdoor kitchen, perhaps a grill station with a pizza oven can meet your culinary needs. Or, instead of a large backyard pond, a water wall takes up virtually no space, gives you the joyful sounds of moving water, and even serves double duty as a privacy wall.


Double Duty Elements

A fireplace, along with a pizza oven, can be an integral part of your outdoor cooking area. Rather than three separate elements, combining them into one not only saves space, but creates a hub of activity. Tucked into a corner of the patio, this hub is neatly out of the way to create a sense of spaciousness on the patio, yet still feels open enough to fit the whole gang.


Seat walls help to define spaces. They’re also an attractive way to disguise outdoor lighting fixtures, and provide comfortable seating around a fireplace, fire pit, or as extra seating on the patio (this helps keep a patio open and clutter-free). Seat walls that undulate through the landscape also encourage the eye to meander slowly through the landscape rather than darting to its perimeter, to increase the feeling of spaciousness.


Make Use of Side Yards

Use the side yard(s). Are there games or other activities that would fit into a space that would otherwise not see much use? Plenty of fun activities like horseshoes, bocce, putting greens, swing sets and sandboxes can be positioned in a side yard to keep them from cluttering up the entire backyard. And how about a little retreat, for the family member who would rather read or nap outdoors? Enclosing a side yard with a tall privacy fence, installing a small paver patio complete with hammock supports and a small fountain can totally transform the space into a peaceful oasis.


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