Whether you are looking to make your outdoor space more usable or trying to increase the value of your Lewis Center, OH, home, remodeling patios is one of the best ways to do it. Here are five remodeling ideas ranging from simple changes in your patio lighting to installing a new pergola that can give your patio a new lease on life.


Introduce Some Warmth and Light With Fire Elements

Adding a fire element is one way to transform the look and feel of your patio. You can go the simple route of adding a well-positioned fire pit to bathe your patio in warmth and light and keep it functional even into the late hours of the night. If you want something with more visual impact, consider adding an outdoor fireplace to make your patio feel like an extension of your living room. For more modern landscape design, a fire table is also a viable option, as the sheer edge and straight lines coupled with modern materials like glass can help it meld into your landscape.

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Add Comfort With a Kitchen and Dining Area

Adding a kitchen and dining area to your patio in your next landscape remodel can completely alter the look and feel of your patio. A simple kitchen area with appliances, a kitchen island, and a grill coupled with a dining area integrated into your patio can blur the line between indoors and outdoors. Choose pavers of different colors and textures to segregate the different areas of the patio along with clever use of borders and accents.


Invest in Water Features

Similar to fire elements, water features have an amazing visual impact on any landscape design. Whether it is a small waterfall, a fountain or a pond, the sounds and sights offered can add a new design dimension to your patio. The professional design and installation of the water feature are vitally important to ensure it is safe and reliable. Keep the feature close to your patio to maximize its impact on the occupants and remember to add proper lighting.


Add New Structures

Investing in an outdoor structure for your patio can be transformative for the way you use it. It helps protect occupants from the elements and can make your patio usable year around. An outdoor structure can range from a simple pergola to an opulent pavilion or gazebo. Pergolas offer a more minimalist look that can be well suited to more modern landscape designs while pavilions and gazebos are generally more at home in more traditional landscapes.

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Come Up With a New Lighting Plan

Updating the lighting plan for your patio is one of the simplest ways to highlight new elements and reshift focus from older ones. This is vitally important to emphasize the design changes from the remodeling into the late hours of the night. For living spaces such as kitchens and dining and sitting areas, use wall sconces and overhead lighting. Recessed lighting can be strategically placed along walls and embedded in masonry. Uplighting works well with water features such as fountains and vertical elements such as trees. Lastly, remember to install path lighting along the walkways leading to and from your patio to complete the remodel.