Incorporating the Reusing and Recycling of Materials Into Your Eco-Conscious Upper Arlington, OH, Landscaping

You do your best to reduce, reuse, and recycle in order to be a responsible citizen of the earth, but did you know that you can extend your Eco-conscious attitude to your landscaping as well? If you’ve been looking to spruce up your Upper Arlington, OH, backyard, but you don’t want to make a huge ecological impact, then reusing and recycling materials may be a great option for you. Read on and we’ll give you some inspired ways that you can incorporate repurposed materials into your landscaping for a finished effect that feels responsible and looks great.


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Reclaimed Brick Accents

Tough and timeless, reclaimed brick is an excellent Eco-conscious option for homeowners to use on their backyard projects. Not only does reclaimed brick usually look cool and weathered, but it can also often come with a story that you’ll be sure to want to share with your family and guests. Maybe the brick came from a road, a famous building, a historic home in your town, or perhaps it was just repurposed from another part of your home. Either way, reclaimed brick is great for building outdoor fireplaces, retaining walls, or other decorative accents around your home. 


Urbanite Pathways

If mixing and matching is your thing, paving urbanite pathways around your home may be the perfect choice for you. An urbanite pathway features broken pieces of concrete or other paver remnants artistically hewn together to create a unique patterned surface that will stand the test of time. Creating a mixed material pathway is a great way to give your garden a little bit of urban edge while reusing materials that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill all at once. 


Recycled Material Accents

Glass bottles, aluminum siding and more have all been used by homeowners to create decorative accents around their home. Whether you want to incorporate glass bottles into the masonry of a wall for a unique stained glass effect or use aluminum siding as a cool and kitschy accent to an outdoor bar or seating area, there are a number of creative ways that you can use everyday materials to update your home. Ask your landscape designer what kind of recycled materials they have access to, and what creative ways they are able to make them work with your desired designs. 

Whether you’re looking to reuse traditional materials like brick or salvage materials like broken pavers or even everyday items like glass, your outdoor spaces can look amazing and still be Eco-conscious at the same time. You may not even have to look very far to find these materials. They could be lying around right in your own backyard! If you’re curious about making the most of your space with planet-friendly materials, ask your landscape designer what they have to offer so you can enjoy your home and feel good about it at the same time.


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