Planning on renovating your Westerville, OH, home’s outdoor kitchen to take it to the next level? The wide range of design options available for modern outdoor kitchens can often be bewildering. Having a professional landscaper by your side can make the process much less intimidating, as their experience can help you focus on the right landscaping features and materials to raise the usability and aesthetics of your outdoor kitchen.

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Integrated Dining and Seating

Having a built-in dining and seating solution installed can make a world of difference to your outdoor cooking and dining experience. If you just want some extra seating, consider adding a seating wall around the perimeter of your outdoor kitchen. This can be particularly useful when you have guests over and seating space in tight as a seating wall can easily accommodate a large number of people. For a better dining experience, you have a much wider range of options, ranging from a simple bar counter with bar stools to an opulent marble dining table in the middle of your outdoor kitchen.


Updating the Lighting Plan

Updating the lighting plan for your outdoor kitchen is a surefire way of transforming the look of your outdoor kitchen and keeping it functional even in the later hours of the day. If your kitchen is near a vertical structure like a wall, then wall sconces are a quick and pain-free lighting solution. You can also hang overhead lights from trees to cover the entire kitchen. Recessed lighting beneath the counters can also provide more subtle lighting suited to a quiet evening meal. Overhead hanging lights are the go-to choice if you have a covered cooking and dining space.


Upgrade the Appliances

If you make regular use of your outdoor kitchen, bringing your appliances up to par can be well worth the investment. Stainless steel is generally the best material for outdoor appliances due to its high-end aesthetics and durability. Upgrades can also take the shape of converting your existing burners to natural gas. Having a built-in refrigerator installed can also drastically cut down on your indoor visits to retrieve items and make your outdoor kitchen feel like an extension of your home into the great outdoors.

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Add a Pergola

An outdoor structure like a pergola installed over your outdoor kitchen and dining area can be a game-changer for your outdoor cooking game. It can help extend your outdoor kitchen use into the winter months and cut down on the maintenance for your kitchen appliances and furniture. Moreover, it can also improve the cooking experience by limiting your exposure to the wind and keeping your cooking space free of leaves and debris.


An Aesthetic Upgrade

There is a huge range of construction materials for outdoor kitchens if you want to do a good old-fashioned renovation. For kitchen islands, stacked wall stones hard are a staple. Faux stone is also a popular choice, giving you the look of natural stone while being significantly more cost-effective. Marble or granite could be considered a must-have for any outdoor kitchen, and new countertops, bars and dining tables can completely change how your outdoor kitchen looks and feels.