Adding a fire pit to your landscape would greatly enhance your backyard entertaining capabilities. Fire pits are beautiful and practical, and they instantly encourage their owners to enjoy the outdoors in various types of weather and seasons. Let’s go over how to get your Hilliard, OH, backyard space ready for spring with a beautiful fire pit.

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Standalone Fire Pit

Depending on the setup of your yard, you may want to set aside a separate space for your fire pit. This creates a whole new area for entertaining, and you could have it be surrounded by seating walls for your guests to sit and enjoy the fire. Imagine the possibilities for bringing your design sense to your choice of fire pit materials, wall materials, and possibly even cushions to keep everyone comfortable and to add distinct color that contrasts with all the masonry features.

Get Your Hilliard, OH, Yard Ready for Spring with a Fire Pit

If you’ve got a big backyard and want to keep it rustic, you could add a walkway from another area of your landscape design that leads to the fire pit. A more modern landscape might include a large hardscape area with a fire pit as its focal point. Using a versatile patio paver like Brussels Dimensional Stone from Unilock would give you the option of creating a matching hardscape and fire pit. Create a beautiful seating section with soft coping for a magazine-worthy entertaining area that’s only missing the pillows and the people. Available in both round and square styles, the fire pit can be built to fit your unique design preference.

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Incorporated Fire Pit

Another way to add a fire pit into your design is to build it into a masonry wall. This design is ideal for smaller spaces or for homeowners who want to maximize the space they’ve got in their design. Backyard masonry patios often have walls enveloping them to clearly mark the space and add casual seating. Incorporating your fire pit into a wall adds a casual feel that invites your guests to gather around. It also doubles as a gorgeous visual feature even if your guests are seated at an outdoor dining table. For a stunning symmetrical design, incorporate fire pits at both corners of your paver patio. This will provide ample warmth and light for your outdoor entertaining area and even allow you to spend more time outdoors during the colder months. This approach for incorporating a fire pit looks especially beautiful if your paver patio is higher than the grassy area of your backyard.

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Remember when planning your outdoor landscape design, you want to keep the fire pit at least 15 feet away from any structures like your home, garage, shed, or any trees. Your landscape contractor will ensure compliance with your town ordinance that dictates exactly how far away your fire pit must be to be up to code.
The light, warmth, and stunning beauty of your fire pit mean you can enjoy your outdoor entertaining space even at night when it gets dark. Take a look at our Gallery to get more inspiration for your new fire pit! And then contact us for pricing information and to schedule a consultation.