Gas and wood-burning fireplaces hold their own advantages and drawbacks when it comes to which would kind of outdoor fireplace would be best in your backyard. Either one would increase your landscape’s ambience factor and give you and your guests a big reason to linger and gather on chilly nights. To decide which one is suitable for your Bexley, OH home, consider the pros and cons.

Advantages of Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Burning wood in a fireplace has been a common occurrence for hundreds of years and for good reason. One common advantage of wood-burning fireplaces is that they are cost-effective. Although it can be a close comparison to gas, if you are in a position where you can gather wood from your property, it is even nicer for your budget to operate. Some people view wood burning as relatively environmentally friendly compared with a gas-burning fireplace since the process of growing trees specifically for that purpose could be better for the environment than natural gas extraction. Technicalities aside, if you enjoy the old-fashioned campfire feel and scent, then you will indeed enjoy a wood-burning fireplace. From the crackling of the wood to the sweet smoky smell, it can be a wonderful addition to your landscape.

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Gas or Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace for Your Bexley, OH, Backyard?Disadvantages of Wood-Burning Fireplaces

A large disadvantage of a wood-burning fireplace is locating the wood needed to use it. If you don’t have an area of property that you can source the wood from on your own, you will need to buy and transport firewood. Another disadvantage is the space and time needed to store a large amount of firewood. If you don’t have a lot of outdoor space on your property, then firewood can take up land that could be used for something more functional. Wood-burning fireplaces also require a good amount of yearly maintenance to keep them running safely and efficiently, so it greatly depends on your available time. Some homeowners would prefer not to breathe in the smoke that arise out of wood-burning fireplaces.

Advantages of Gas Burning

Gas-burning outdoor fireplaces offer an entirely different experience that is preferable to some homeowners. This is mostly thanks to how clean gas tends to burn. For one, you wouldn’t have to deal with smoke, ash, or embers when sitting next to the fire. This factor is especially nice for property owners worried about the potential fire hazards in their yards, such as dry grass or plants. These fireplaces also offer the easiest and fastest way to light the actual flame itself. Starting a gas fireplace can be as simple as the push of a button. These types of fireplaces also come with a wide range of customizability, such as sleek glass and rock fireplaces or a traditional one with ceramic logs for a close imitation of a wood-burning fireplace.

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Disadvantages of Gas Burning

Gas-burning fireplaces are wonderful in the right circumstance, but for some homeowners it might not be the right fit. These fireplaces need full ventilation and cannot be near an open fire, so your grill needs to be placed a distance away. S’mores are not possible on a gas-burning fireplace—it’s more about the look and feel and cleanliness that these features bring to a backyard. Caution is always needed, especially when it’s time for maintaining or replacing anything. The fuel line must be kept in peak condition to avoid leaks.