If you are craving more shade for relaxing and entertaining when the weather warms up, consider adding a pergola to your landscape. This framework of wood posts (or stone columns) and cross beams will provide you with dappled shade throughout the warm seasons. There are some choices you will need to make to ensure you have the best pergola for your Worthington, OH, home.

Attached Pergola

Attaching a pergola to your house can create a seamless transition between the indoors and the outdoors, particularly if you position the pergola at French doors. With usable space literally right outside the door, it will be easy to dine outside, relax with a favorite drink, or sit in the open air without the glare of the full sun while you read or work.

Freestanding or Attached Pergola for Your Worthington, OH, House?

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This type of pergola is built into the existing house structure, almost like an additional room. A necessary consideration is whether your home’s architecture can support the additional weight and beams that will tie into the roofline. The attached pergola tends to be less costly than a freestanding one because it requires fewer materials.

Freestanding Pergola

While a freestanding pergola can be placed close to the house, such as on a patio, most frequently the freestanding pergola is meant to be a focal point in the landscape. With a freestanding pergola, you are not limited on size, the direction it faces, or how weighty it is. It has more of a “destination” feel—you must go there to enjoy the benefits of the breezes and filtered sun. Because this type of pergola needs more materials, it tends to be the more expensive of the two options. But the good news is that any type of pergola adds value to your home and would be viewed as a plus for home buyers.

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Which Roof Is Best?

Pergolas have two styles of roofs—the open, slatted roof and the solid roof. Often, the climate plays a role in what roof style you choose. For a temperate climate, an open roof can be just right. Entertaining later in the afternoon or evening is wonderful with an open roof because as the sun sets and the stars come out, the sky is visible through the pergola roof. However, this option limits you in the rain. You might view a solid roof as a more versatile choice. A landscape professional can advise you on the options that will bring you the most usable, beautiful outdoor space.

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Benefits of a Pergola

Aside from adding value to your home, a pergola brings many other benefits to the landscape. First, it can provide clear definition and structure to your yard. With its clear boundaries, a pergola defines a space that is dedicated to relaxation and outdoor entertaining. Second, it adds visual interest to your yard—you could adorn its sturdy columns or posts with fragrant flowering vines. Third, a pergola brings more privacy to your landscape. While you might like your neighbors, chances are that you don’t want to have to interact with them every single time you go into the yard.

Love the idea of a pergola but not sure what it should look like or where it should go? A landscape expert can walk you through the choices and help you decide on the best style for your home.