Covering Patios in the Summer: What Are Your Options in Powell OH?

Being stuck at home takes on a whole new meaning when you can’t enjoy your backyard in any weather. Updating your landscape with a pergola, pavilion, or gazebo will give you the shelter you need to enjoy a cozy yet airy outdoor room. Here’s your guide to covering patios in the summer: what are your options in Powell, OH?

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Shelter is a primary concern in a user-friendly yard. You can have the most amazing landscape design, with all the cool features, but it’s not very satisfying to just look at the landscape from the kitchen window when it’s too hot or too rainy to be outside! It’s much more satisfying to be out there enjoying the fresh air, but protected from the elements.



Choose a pergola if you want protection from the sun, but enjoy the open-air feel of a roofless structure. A pergola is a timeless, chic addition to your backyard. Vertical columns support a square or rectangular open-roof structure that allows hot air to rise while providing shelter from the sun. Since all four sides are open, you can take advantage of cool breezes. A pergola doesn’t have a floor, so you can install it directly on your patio or on a concrete or paver base anywhere in the landscape (a popular spot is beside a backyard pond or pool). Pergolas are the most popular shade structures for outdoor kitchens, since the heat from the kitchen can easily escape and any grill smoke vents to the outside.



A pavilion also has open sides like a pergola, but it has a solid roof. This structure can also be installed on a patio or on a stand-alone concrete or paver surface. A pavilion is a more weather-resistant structure that allows for the use of more comfortable furniture – and if you are working from home on a laptop, pavilions let you move your business outdoors without the danger of eye strain due to glare, or damage to electronics from a sudden downpour. Add a ceiling fan or two to help keep the area cool. For even more privacy, add outdoor curtains or trellises with climbing vines. To turn your pavilion into a three-season outdoor room, simply add a fireplace! You can also enclose a pavilion with screens to create a bug-free outdoor room.



A gazebo conjures up visions of romance. They are usually smaller than pavilions (though not always) and are round or octagonal, with a covered roof and partially or fully open sides. Gazebos often feature bench seating with a half-wall railing or solid wall on the bottom and an open upper half. Many gazebos have a built-in floor, and can be placed anywhere in the landscape – for example as a focal point on your patio, or in a tucked-away corner of the backyard. Many people install trellises or outdoor curtains for additional privacy. You can also install screens all the way around the gazebo for a bug-free outdoor experience that also makes for a wonderful sleeping area in summer – a huge hit with the kids!

While COVID-19 restrictions are currently putting a hold on new landscape projects, this can be the perfect time to plan. Choose the outdoor structure that best meets your needs, and our design team can help you position it for optimal use; and when building restrictions are lifted, you will enjoy a beautiful new outdoor structure that will make your backyard THE place to be!

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