Choosing the Right Pavers for Your Westerville, OH, Outdoor Kitchen

It all starts with the right foundation. From colors and textures to the shape and size, selecting the best paver for your Westerville, OH, outdoor kitchen is a big deal. The flooring sets the tone for the rest of the construction, and it is essential to choose high-quality pavers that will stay intact for years to come. Here are the other main factors you should keep in mind.

Prioritize Safety

The pavers you consider must be appropriate for outdoor kitchen use. Porous tiles and stone that gets really slippery when wet is not the best choice for outdoor kitchen flooring. A paver made from a material that is prone to staining is another concern. Keep your family safe with materials such as concrete, brick, and stone. Because of their granular, weathered surface texture and low porosity, these materials are slip resistant and when installed properly, they won’t stain or fade. Aside from such key qualities, with stone, brick and concrete pavers, you will find plenty of colors, textures, and finishes that make them a stylish addition worth having in your outdoor kitchen.

Consider Style

The pavers you choose should complement your entire landscape. If you have used stone or concrete paver in your patio design, it is wise to choose a flooring material for the kitchen that matches the rest of the landscape features.

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Bluestone pavers are perfect for connecting different outdoor areas. They offer a variety of colors and textures and highlight the area if laid in a herringbone pattern. Bluestone’s rough surface gives the paver a more compact appearance, which if combined with its beautiful blue shade, it contributes to the look of the outdoor kitchen walls, pool deck, and fire features.

If natural stone is not your first choice, consider concrete pavers by Unilock that resemble the look of bluestone, such as Richcliff. If you are aiming for a contemporary look, Unilock pavers with their sleek texture and integral colors will embellish the landscape. For an English cottage style, brick is the ideal choice, together with cobblestone concrete pavers. Red bricks are the most commonly used, but you could opt for other color choices. The beauty of brick-resembling concrete pavers can be found in cream, pink, buff, tan, gray, black, and much more.

Rich or Smooth Texture?

A sleek, smooth texture gives a sense of modern elegance, making the outdoor kitchen design compatible with contemporary landscapes. Concrete pavers come in different textures that add a richer dimension to the outdoor kitchen. Regardless if you are looking for a modern or old-world appearance, concrete pavers can fulfill your requirements. Spice things up with an exciting paver pattern—your contractor can go over the many design options with you. You may find that the right paver pattern can make your outdoor kitchen appear visually larger.

Debating the Choices

Natural stone provides a remarkable appearance that for many homeowners is hard to resist. Along with the look you’re going for, the other factor to consider is price. The price of the material used depends on the place where it is quarried, transportation costs, and others factors. The most common material used for outdoor kitchen flooring is concrete pavers. Concrete pavers are considered more affordable and durable than natural stone, offer the most extensive design options, and are a simple, quick solution for your outdoor kitchen patio.

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