If you can’t stop picturing summer evenings around an outdoor fireplace, it’s time to look into your installation options. An outdoor fireplace can certainly enhance your outdoor living experiences and encourage you to spend more time outside. But the important question addresses what it will look like. Which style will be best for your outdoor fireplace—contemporary or traditional? Here are tips on choosing between a contemporary or traditional style for your Upper Arlington, OH, outdoor fireplace.

How Do You Plan to Enjoy Your Outdoor Fireplace?

Choosing Between a Traditional or Contemporary Style for Your Upper Arlington, OH, Outdoor FireplaceMaximum enjoyment of your outdoor fireplace begins with careful planning. There are important things to consider before choosing the right outdoor fireplace. For one, will you be hosting big parties or smaller, more intimate gatherings? Do you want the fireplace near your outdoor kitchen—maybe a fireplace with a built-in pizza oven—or do you want it as a focal point in your seating area? This consideration dictates not only the size it’ll be but the placement as well.

What Will You Be Burning?

Some people love wood fires and everything that comes with burning wood: the crackle, the heat, the rustic charm, the smell, and even the smoke (which serves as a great mosquito repellent). Others love the look of a fire but don’t want the mess, the wood-chopping, or the smoke-in-the-eyes hassle of constantly moving chairs as the wind shifts direction. There are also practical considerations you’ll need to consider, depending on whether there are wood-burning restrictions and whether your home has natural gas access.

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How Should the Outdoor Fireplace Look?

The right materials and size make all the difference in the finished product. Consider the architectural style and aesthetic of your home as you think about your fireplace. Is your home large, which balances well with a large fireplace, or is it more modest, in which case a huge fireplace may feel overwhelming? Does the size you envision match the intended purpose? Is your home’s architectural style contemporary or traditional? Do you like sleek, modern lines, or do you prefer the look of a centuries-old hearth? Do you like an eclectic vibe with contrasting materials, or do you prefer a more sophisticated and unified look?

If you’re designing an entire outdoor living space with a fireplace as a focal point, you have a blank slate to work with. If you’re adding a fireplace to an existing outdoor living space, you will need to pay special attention to choosing a fireplace style that does not clash with what you already have in place.

Do You Want Special Features?

Built-in lighting, a TV screen over the mantle, wood storage, a nearby seating wall, or a custom hearth will all influence the design you ultimately choose.

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Contemporary or Traditional?

Once you’ve narrowed your choices based on the functions of your outdoor fireplace and your own aesthetic preferences, it’s time to decide: contemporary or traditional? If you keep in mind your intended uses and the environment in which you’ll install a fireplace, your decision will be easier. Connect with us for ideas and inspiration, so you can be on your way to enjoying cool evenings by the fire with family and friends!