Built-In Seating Options to Attract More People Around Your Fire Pit in Hilliard, OH

You love to enjoy the outdoors around the fire pit in your Hilliard, OH, backyard, but do your guests enjoy it, too? If your fire pit is missing a place for friends and family to easily take a seat, you may be missing out on an essential element in your backyard. If you’re looking to increase the traffic around your fire pit and create a place where people can easily relax, built-in seating options are an excellent choice for you. Read on and we’ll show you a few ways you can easily use built-in seating to make the most of your fire pit and bring smiling faces to the fireside. 

Low Bench

A low-profile, built-in bench is an easy and understated way to add seating around your fireplace. This type of masonry bench doesn’t have a high back, so it can easily be stepped over for added traffic flow. This allows you and your guests to access seating from behind so your other guests don’t have to get up or push past each other. If you are looking for a place to rest by your fire pit, but you don’t want to trip over bulky outdoor furniture or folding chairs, a low bench made out of matching masonry is a great way to update your space.

Semi-Circular Benches

Mirror the shape of your fire pit and create convenient seating options at the same time with a duo of semi-circular masonry benches. With two benches situated at opposite sides of your fire pit, you’ll be able to create a natural walkway for people to come and go safely around the fire. With two separate points of access, no one will feel trapped. Sitting around the fire will seem all the more inviting. Plus, the semi-circular shape looks attractive and helps each guest to enjoy the heat of the fire at the perfect distance for safety and comfort. 

Retaining Wall Bench

Retaining walls offer an excellent and unexpected place for homeowners to add extra seating outdoors. When paired with a fire pit, retaining wall benches make an attractive and easy-to-access space for you and your guests to take a seat by the fire. Ask your landscape professional about adding decorative masonry to your retaining wall bench to help draw the eye and make your outdoor fire feature even more inviting.

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If increasing traffic to your fire feature is important to you, then giving your guests a permanent place to take a seat is an absolute must!  Whether you want to include a low profile bench, a pair of semi-circular benches, or you want to upgrade your retaining wall and turn that into a bench, your landscaper will be sure to help you find the perfect seating for your backyard fire pit. With a little bit of creativity and some expert masonry work, your fire pit is sure to see more use. It may even become your new favorite place to relax outdoors. 

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