Achieve an Enchanted Charm Look With Brick for Your Dublin, OH, Paver Patio

Brick paver patios have enduring popularity, with good reason. If you’re wondering whether brick is right for your patio, here are some ideas on how to achieve an enchanted charm look with brick for your Dublin, OH, paver patio.

Brick—whether traditional clay brick or concrete brick-shaped pavers—gives you design options for any style home. Brick pavers bring instant charm to a patio, and a warmth and ambience that cannot be matched by decks.


Fun With Patterns

Bricks used in patios are most commonly laid in a running bond, herringbone, or basketweave pattern. However, a skilled bricklayer can incorporate circles or spirals, to break up an expanse of brick and add an artistic twist that says, “You’ve arrived.”

“Brick” is often synonymous with brick-shaped stones, but you can add square bricks along with traditional brick-shaped pavers to create interesting, modern-yet-cozy patterns.

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Colors to Complement Your Home

It’s not necessary to match your patio to the color or pattern on the house. Achieve a cohesive look by using field bricks in a complementary tone—perhaps one that matches the roof—and accent bricks that match the home’s brick.

Brick pavers come in a large variety of colors: pale limestone, adobe, traditional red, chocolate brown, shades of gray, and even blues. To minimize visual clutter, stick to a maximum of three complementary colors: one main field color and a maximum of two accent colors to make the design pop. Accents are by no means mandatory with brick, since the material itself is so interesting.

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The Right Shapes

Consider the impact of shape when designing both the patio layout and paver patterns. Geometric patterns and straight lines give a more modern and formal feel to a landscape. Curved shapes help make small spaces appear larger (your eye is drawn to the meandering shapes rather than on the property boundary). They also make spaces feel more intimate and secluded and reflect the landscape.


Charm-Filled Design Ideas

Choose the spacing of your bricks for walkways: tight for a classic look, or spaced with grass, moss, or gravel for a more contemporary and whimsical look.

Curve your walkways to create a sense of excitement—“What’s around the next curve?” will cross visitors’ minds in a subtle way. Curves also encourage people to literally slow down and smell the roses.

Modern or timeworn? Do you want your brick patio to look fresh and new, or do you want it to look as though it’s been there forever? Brick pavers come in various textures, so you can have the best of both worlds by choosing smooth brick for the patio and tumbled/recycled brick for steps, retaining walls, or seating walls.

Don’t just use brick pavers under your feet. Brick pavers make for beautiful facing on outdoor kitchen islands, fireplaces, fire pits, or water features.

Add pops of color to a traditional red-brick patio with bright blue patio furniture or cushions, and blue or purple flowers such as hydrangea or clematis.

Brick is the perfect paver material for both large and small spaces. Visually, bricks can make a large space feel intimate (especially if darker red tones are used). At the same time, brick pavers can make small spaces feel larger through the use of one color and larger-scaled pavers.