7 Landscape Design Ideas for Homeowners With Kids in Dublin OH

Keeping kids happy during social distancing is no small feat! Providing kids with a safe and stimulating place to be creative and burn some energy will make everyone’s lives easier. Here are 7 landscape design ideas for homeowners with kids in Dublin, OH. 


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A Game Area

If you have two side yards, you can turn one of them into a dedicated play area for the kids. This space can grow along with them, and still let you enjoy a beautifully landscaped backyard. Start with a sandbox and jungle gym; eventually this space can grow with them. A sandbox can become a raised bed where kids can grow their own food and the jungle gym space can morph into a more teen-oriented hangout (as described below). This space can also accommodate various outdoor games like bocce, horseshoes, a basketball hoop, or even a parkour area!


A Flat Space

A flat grassy area opens up so many possibilities for fun and games. How about some races with giant inflatable rolling wheels or bubble suits, or a good old fashioned game of kickball or flag football? 


A Place to Hang Out

Not all kids are in the sandbox/jungle gym stage. Older kids want a private space of their own to hang out. You can utilize a side yard for this purpose. Instead of just being a place for a gardening shed, a side yard is a brilliant opportunity to create a private hangout for older kids. All it takes is a small paver patio surrounded by a privacy wall; a few colorful hammocks, comfortable lounge chairs, or a porch swing; and some festive string lights. A pavilion or gazebo will keep the space comfortable in any weather. Older kids will be happy to have a place they can call their own, that’s just removed enough from family activities to be within earshot but still give them the autonomy they crave. Adults, too, can have their own “secret” hangout space in a corner of the yard that’s surrounded by lush vegetation and just big enough for a comfy bench or swing.


A Treehouse

Kids of all ages love treehouses. If you don’t have mature trees that can accommodate a treehouse, it’s still possible to build an elevated structure and add rustic decor such as a fence made of tree branches.


A Backyard Water Park

While pools are great for all-day backyard entertainment, don’t despair if your backyard is not big enough to accommodate a full sized pool. Even a dipping pool offers enough space to splash and soak. Add a waterfall with a slide, and you have most of the elements of a water park in your own backyard! Poolside safety is essential. Concrete pavers make some of the best pool deck materials. They offer a non-slip surface that also resists mildew and staining from pool chemicals, as well as dozens of stylish choices that fit in with your aesthetic style. 


A Splash Pad

If you don’t want to invest in a pool, how about a splash pad for the little ones? This is essentially a very shallow wading pool with a few spouts. When the kids outgrow it, you can transform the space into a cozy fire pit area!


A Shady Spot to Relax

Gazebos and pavilions offer shelter from the elements so kids can be outdoors even if it’s blazing hot or raining. Add a fireplace and some storage for board games to keep the fun going in any weather. As a bonus, adding outdoor curtains turns a gazebo or pavilion into a fort! It’s also a great place for mom and dad to hang out and maybe even work on the laptop while the kids play.


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