Retaining walls are permanent and practical fixtures of many Upper Arlington, OH, properties. Preventing soil erosion, framing backyard spaces, and leveling sloping ground are just some of the reasons they’re popular. Unfortunately, many retaining walls don’t take advantage of their opportunity to become a more attractive part the landscape design.


Planters and potted plants are among the easiest and quickest options to turn your plain retaining wall into a focal point. When they’re well maintained, carefully chosen plants can spill over walls and hide the top ledge. The result is a pretty façade of foliage perched up high. Ground cover and flowering, low-lying shrubs can provide you with a trailing mix of colors over an otherwise inconspicuous retaining wall.

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Art in Demand

This decorative design move depends entirely on the existing landscape style. That’s because you can let creativity breathe by choosing wall hangings that add touches of unique style to your retaining walls. Carved oak pieces, sleek copper sculptures, and antique wrought-iron works are just some of the many options at your disposal. Decorative hanging pieces like this exhibit your tastes in a subtle way, while adding decorative appeal to your retaining walls. You can take design ideas from your interior pieces, to carry a theme from your indoors to the outdoors.

5 Ways to Decorate Your Retaining Wall in Upper Arlington, OH

Light It Up

The right lighting can spruce up a retaining wall with the flick of a switch and be paired with plants or ornaments to increase the effect. Lights can be placed along the top of your retaining wall or, to be more creative, have them dip and hang from an attachment on the wall’s surface. Having other items between the decorative lighting is a smart way to keep things interesting in the daytime when lights are usually off. Electricity or solar power can be used as power sources for this decorative choice.


Climbing in Style

Maybe you want a more permanent plant fixture for your retaining wall. This is made easy by attaching a trellis. Climbing roses, ivy, and similar vines are first planted at the base of the wall. Over time, these plants reach out and up to the trellis, gradually covering it as they grow and climb. Trellis panels must be attached to the wall and should be sturdy and weather-proof. Treated wood, painted wood, or galvanized steel are among options. Think about the kinds of climbing plants you want so that your landscape professional can ensure the material used for the trellis will support the plants’ growth and weight. Another consideration is to have a decorative style trellis so that your retaining wall area will still look attractive, even when winter makes its appearance and your plantings are not at their full potential.

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Stone Veneer

Should an existing retaining wall require a face-lift, stone veneer may be the answer. This is dependent on the existing wall’s composition, but stone veneer can provide a practical solution for plastered walls and other smooth surfaces. With stone veneer, your retaining wall can boast the natural aesthetic of stacked stone, be transformed with a sleek, modern look, or be given an old world boulder appearance.