A retaining wall can be a necessity for erosion control or for opening up access to sloped land. But other times, a retaining wall can be constructed solely to add interest to your landscape. There are several ways a retaining wall can add charm to your landscape.


Multi-Colored Rocks

The rocks that you choose for a retaining wall do not have to look identical. You might love the idea of alternating colors or shapes of the stones to give a geometric appearance to the wall. You can choose to have stones set in layers so that one layer is made of a certain type of stone and the next displays a different type, creating a wall of horizontal stripes.

Stunning retaining wall in Dublin, OH


Perhaps you have some tiles that you collected in your travels and they have a special meaning for you. These can be added to a retaining wall to make a wall of memories. Set in a band or in a random pattern, every time you see those tiles, you will be transported back to the fun you had in that place. If a band of tiles is not your thing, look into having a mason create a design with glass shapes or colorful tiles.

Wall Shape

While straight retaining walls are the most common choice, a wall does not have to be built this way. A curving retaining wall can follow the lines of the natural areas of your landscape or a gentle slope. A modern retaining wall can be composed of geometrically connected sections to continue the urban feel of the home. If you like the look of a wooden fence, the wood slats can be interspersed with wall sections to make a more rustic wall. Or, if you like the appearance of vertical rocks more than horizontal, use pillars in the wall design to draw the eye upward. Pillars are frequently used to finish the ends of the wall, but they can be used just as easily as vertical elements along the length of the wall.


A retaining wall does not have to be only one level. Having two, three, or four levels can make a retaining wall a focal point of the landscape, especially if you plant grass or the same plant on each level. This can really draw the eye to the wall with the horizontal lines of the wall complemented by the unity of plantings.

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Stairs, Benches, Water, and Lights

A set of stairs in the retaining wall will obviously provide access to higher portions of the landscape, but think about setting the stairs far to the side, almost like a secret stairway. Add built-in benches for additional seating during family night or for outdoor dinner parties. With fluffy, colorful pillows, benches can double the seating area without sacrificing space. Another option is a built-in water feature, to provide a sense of calm in your busy life. Lights could extend your enjoyment of the wall into the night. Low level lights or spotlights on the wall will draw attention to masonry craftsmanship that is gorgeous even after dark. How you choose to add charm to your Dublin, OH, retaining wall is limited only by your imagination. Look for a landscape specialist who cares about constructing a beautiful, durable wall that meshes perfectly with the environment.