Properly installed paver patios are renowned for being beautiful and low-maintenance, but some homeowners aren’t sure of how to best optimize the open space that such patios provide. Thankfully, there are many solutions for giving your patio a cozy, intimate vibe. Here are five tips on how to make your Powell, OH, paver patio feel more secluded.


Surround Yourself With Greenery

Plants are an aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive way to shield your patio from view and from the sun. Surrounding a patio with lush plantings, particularly bushes and shrubs that extend overhead, provides excellent cover. Consider plants that gain height if they’re grown in mounded soil or tall planters, to further shield you from prying eyes and add to the sense of intimacy. Wires can be installed to train climbing plants and vines to grow up and extend out overhead, giving your patio a green “ceiling” that provides excellent shade and privacy.

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Plant a Tree (or Several)

Trees provide natural seclusion; just think about how you feel whenever you walk through a forest. To maximize shade and create a focal point in your yard, plant a tree in one corner of your patio with enough room for the branches to grow out wide, and make sure you choose a species that will develop a dense canopy, such as oak, maple, or elm. If you lack sufficient yard space for a freestanding tree, or if a portion of your patio is set off or surrounded by walls, espaliered trees are also a great option. These trees can be trained to grow flat against a surface, creating further seclusion for their surrounding area as the days pass.

5 Tips for Making Your Powell, OH, Paver Patio Feel Secluded

Create Distinctive Outdoor Rooms

There are a variety of ways to divide your patio into separate rooms. Position plants in large containers so that they create a natural barrier around one portion of the patio. Varying the size and style of outdoor furniture in different sections of the patio will give each area its own feel. Installing latticework, trellises, or even a pergola around or over part of the patio will create a see-through enclosure to break up your space. And planting climbing vines or roses can enhance the “wall” effect that such structures provide. In warmer months, you could even create a resort-style outdoor cabana in one portion of the patio by hanging weather-resistant cloth overhead and placing comfortable lounge furniture underneath.


Install an Outdoor Fireplace

A freestanding outdoor fireplace can function as a wall for an outdoor room, creating a natural intimacy in the portion of the patio facing the fireplace, which is both warmed and lit by the fire. At night, a fire’s glow will cast portions of the patio in shadows, making the area immediately surrounding the fire feel intimate and cozy.

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Focus on Sounds

A feeling of a seclusion doesn’t only arise from what you can see; if outside noises invade your space, you are less likely to feel like you’re in your own private paradise. By installing a fountain, waterfall, or other water feature, you create a visually appealing decoration that also masks unwanted noise. If you are a bird lover, read up on what types of plants are appealing to your favorite bird species, or install a birdfeeder to ensure that the air around you will be filled with birdsong.