It’s no small feat finding a landscaping solution that caters to every member of a large family. While small children enjoy certain activities, they soon outgrow them and require something different to stimulate them as adolescents. Adults similarly require their own spaces to entertain themselves and others. Here are a few landscaping features that will benefit various members of the family and encourage time spent together outdoors in Bexley, OH.

An Imaginative Landscape Design

Technology holds an ever-increasing presence in our day-to-day lives, and children are introduced to technology and social media at very young ages. While technology has its educational advantages, it can also discourage children from spending time outdoors and using their imagination. Exercising one’s imagination promotes creativity and healthy development.

Create a landscape that entices your children by incorporating mysterious and fantasy-like elements into its design. A stream that weaves throughout the landscape and terminates as a waterfall can keep an imaginative child entertained while an adult watches close by. Build charming bridges that traverse the bridge, ensuring their safe navigation of the landscape. Bridges like these can also represent entering a new and mysterious land when viewed by young adventurous children.

A Sheltered Hideout

Nestle a hidden patio among thick vegetation to create a getaway for every member of the family. Children will adore having to locate the patio between the shrubs and trees as if it were a portal into another world. A few comfortable chairs and a fire pit will offer adolescents and adults a space to relax in privacy and enjoy a good book or a cup of coffee. Rustic wicker furnishings and irregular stone slabs underfoot can give the hidden patio a natural, fairytale-like look and feel.

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A Long Dining Table

Nothing brings friends and family together like a large meal served at the table. Whether your outdoor dining table is purely functional or doubles as the centerpiece of your patio, ensure that it is large enough to accommodate your entire family as well as a few welcome guests.

A long sturdy dining table looks homely and inviting, offering family members the opportunity to bond over dinner or a board game. The table can be decorated using accent cushions, placemats, and a tablecloth that make it more personalized and reflect the aesthetic of the home and hardscape. Install a fire pit nearby to foster a warm, intimate ambience and give kids the opportunity to dry off after a dip in the pool. A fire pit will also enable you to spend long hours outdoors unbothered by the evening chill.

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A Vegetable Garden

A vegetable garden offers numerous benefits to homeowners and children alike. A practical garden can provide homeowners with enough produce to save them a great deal of money at the grocery store. Health-conscious homeowners also enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies knowing how one’s food has been grown. Tending to the vegetable garden is also an activity over which parents can bond with their children, teaching them the value of eating healthily and living sustainably. It also encourages budding green thumbs to spend more time outdoors and less time in front of their screens.

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