Adding a little water to an outdoor living space can have a huge influence on its overall look and feel. The soothing soundtrack created by flowing water, as well as the wildlife it attracts, can result in a more harmonious and revitalizing landscape. Aside from its zen-like effects, water generally adds an element of interest to outdoor living spaces and serves to set them apart from the rest. Here are a few ways to incorporate water into your Lexis Center, OH, landscape:

A Peaceful Pond

Ponds can come in various forms and conform to any aesthetic. A naturalistic pond can be surrounded by ornamental grasses and reeds, or adorned with playful looking water lilies. Ducks and koi fish can add life to a pond, provided the conditions are suitable for them to thrive. A pond 3 to 5 feet deep is required to keep koi fish, for example, and a heating system will be needed in winter. A more formal pond can be tucked neatly into the center of an enclosed courtyard, serving as the focal feature of the space. You can even have a fountain incorporated into the pond to achieve more visual drama and tranquil sounds.

A Steady Stream

4 Different Water Feature Ideas for Your Lewis Center, OH, Landscaping Project

A hillside or slope is the ideal canvas upon which to create a flowing stream. A contemporary stream can be created using metal sheets, or a metal chute, that highlight an artificial recreation of a natural phenomenon. Alternatively, a naturalistic stream can be created by arranging boulders and smaller natural rocks along the slope so that they keep the flowing water enclosed in the space between them. The bed of the stream can be lined with small pebbles or gravel in an effort to keep the water running clear. Pipes, concealed underground, would be required to carry the water from the catchment area at the base of the slope to the outlet at the very top.

An Inviting Pool

There are various ways to customize a pool and transform it from a functional feature into a focal point. Radiant blue tiles can be used to tile an entire pool, for example, and it can be lit by bright cool-blue lights after dark. The effect is almost luminescent and can create an unforgettable scene at dusk. Pools serve as excellent catchment areas for waterfalls if they’re flanked by tall stone walls from which water can cascade freely. Not only does such a feature look and sound magnificent, but it is equally satisfying to swim beneath it.

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A Custom Fountain

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a fountain. There plenty of imaginative premade fountains to choose from and a custom fountain can also be built to your exact specifications and can serve to inject a dose of your personality into your Ohio property. Boulders can be stacked, with a spout emerging at the very top to send water cascading down their textured exteriors. This can have a beautifully natural and effortless appearance. A bath, serving as the bowl, and overhead tap to serve as the water outlet come together in a charming water feature design packet with playful character.