Do you love spending time outdoors but wish your Lewis Center, OH, backyard was a little more tranquil? Updating your landscaping can have a big impact on how relaxing your outdoor space feels. A few changes and additions to your landscape design can transform your backyard into an outdoor escape that will have you planning staycations instead of vacations.

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Landscaping Tips to Reduce Outside Noises

One of the most common complaints homeowners have about their outdoors is noise pollution, whether it’s from neighbors or traffic. It can be hard to relax when you can’t hear yourself think. Luckily there are ways to help reduce the volume of exterior noises in your backyard.

Plants not only look beautiful, they can also help dampen sound. Adding a hedge will provide a layer of noise protection while offering the added benefit of increasing privacy in your landscape. Planting in layers can make a living barrier even more effective. Combining trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses creates a more natural looking landscape, and the layers will improve the sound-dampening effect.

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Envelop Your Yard with Peaceful Sounds

It can sometimes be difficult to effectively block out all incoming noises. If that’s the case, incorporating pleasant sounds can help mask out any remaining unwanted noise. Adding a water feature such as a pond, waterfall, or fountain will bring the soothing sound of flowing water to your backyard. A water feature will also create a beautiful focal point and an ideal spot for relaxing and quiet contemplation.

Create a Cozy Spot to Relax

To turn your backyard into a private haven, you need a comfortable place to sit and unwind. Adding an outdoor room will expand your living space while offering luxuries you don’t always find in a backyard. Start by updating your patio with durable and attractive concrete pavers or luxurious natural stone to form the foundation of your new outdoor space.

Adding a pergola or cabana over your outdoor room can help define the space and create separation from the rest of your yard. Providing shelter from the elements will also increase the amount of time you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor room. For a truly all-season retreat, a fire feature will provide a striking focal point while also adding warmth and creating a cozy atmosphere.

Once the flooring and structures are in place, you’ll need comfortable outdoor furniture. Built-in seating such as a low wall or bench would make an excellent companion to patio furniture. This option adds structure and will ensure you always have enough seating on hand.

Add a Hot Tub for Ultimate Relaxation

Including a hot tub in your backyard will help create a true resort-like experience. Consider covering the hot tub to provide shelter from the elements so that you can enjoy it in any weather. Privacy is paramount when it comes to a relaxing soak. Use landscaping elements such as strategically placed plants and hedges to increase privacy and create a secluded area.

Don’t forget the extra touches to ensure that your spa area is as luxurious as possible. Hooks to keep robes and towels off the ground, soft outdoor lighting, and a place to rest drinks or a book will elevate your hot tub to resort-like status.

3 Landscaping Ideas for Creating a Tranquil Backyard Retreat in Lewis Center, OH

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