3 Fire Pit Design Ideas in Lewis Center, OH

A fire pit is one of those landscape features that, once you have one, you wonder how you ever lived without it. Not only does it bring warmth on a cool evening, but it’s a wonderful gathering place for friends and family. Consider these fire pit design ideas for your Lewis Center, OH, backyard.


Rustic Fire Pit

If you love a natural look, something that blends well with the surrounding natural elements of your landscape, then consider a rustic fire pit. Composed of rocks in hues of tan and with a hint of texture, a rustic fire pit doesn’t require fancy furniture. Some Adirondack chairs in various colors nearby are all you may need to enjoy the warmth.


Traditional Fire Pit

If you want to add a fire pit to your patio area and love the brick on your home, then maybe the look for brick is right for your fire pit as well. Brick is available in so many colors that even if your home has an unusual shade, there is likely one to complement your home’s appearance.

Adding a low retaining wall near the fire pit, perhaps at the edge of the patio, can bring an intimate feeling when you light the fire pit on a beautiful evening. With coping that sits atop the retaining wall, you will have extra seating for a gathering of your favorite people.


Modern Fire Pit

If your home is contemporary, you might choose a sleek concrete fire pit in an unused corner of the backyard. As a base for the fire pit area, small gravel such as pea gravel keeps the feeling clean and simple. A couple of long, pillow-filled couches provide a comfortable spot to relax while you sip your favorite drink at the end of the day.


Recessed or Above Ground

A fire pit can be recessed into the ground or patio to make it flush with the surface. If you don’t like the idea of a fire pit being so visible, this can be the option for you.

Or, you might choose for a fire pit to be a dramatic focal point in the landscape. You could have it constructed so that it becomes a destination in its own right. After all, there is nothing like the draw of a warm fire to lure guests into your yard.


Gas or Wood

Lighting a fire in a fire pit today is as easy as flipping a switch since gas is a common choice. This can be wonderful if you don’t want to go to the trouble of cleaning up leftover ashes after a fire, or if you don’t like the smell that sometimes lingers afterward. If you just want to enjoy a fire pit that is trouble-free, then gas could be for you.

But, if building a fire from wood reminds you of simpler times camping with friends and family, then you may love a wood-burning fire pit. Think about adding a storage area nearby to keep dry firewood handy so you don’t have to forage for wood when the fire burns down. There is something satisfying about sitting by a wood fire at night that inspires deep conversations.