Landscape design in New Albany OH with pergola

Pergolas provide shade, comfort, and character to outdoor living spaces in Albany, OH. They distinguish outdoor rooms and wash them in an atmosphere created by the aesthetic theme of their design. It is, therefore, important that you the type of pergola you choose complements the look and feel you desire for your landscape, as these looming structures have a great influence on their surroundings. Here are three popular pergola design ideas to inspire you:

A Classic Romantic Pergola

White-painted rafters and columns are often the foundation for a romantic pergola. However, it requires the addition of distinguishing features such as lattices covered in climbing vines or a quaint fountain. Plush seating and a luxurious rug underfoot can enhance the refined look of this type of pergola. White drapes can be hung around the perimeter and tied back in a welcoming manner. Romantic pergolas are best paired with romantic landscapes filled with greenery. With a light-hearted and inviting atmosphere, these pergolas serve as the perfect place in which to escape the midday sun and relax. After sunset, string lights wrapped around the overhead beams can imbue the outdoor room with a fairytale-like ambience.

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A romantic pergola can also take on a rustic, unrefined look and feel. These pergolas can be completely overthrown by climbing plants like wisteria. They are well-suited to very small backyards and can be used to define a cozy tiled patio housing a small round table and pair of wrought iron or wooden chairs. A quaint garden nook like this often comes across as personalized and provides a place to escape with a cup of coffee or a good book.

A Modern Minimalistic Pergola

Modern outdoor design relies heavily on sleek, refined materials and precise geometry. Enhance the privacy of your outdoor living space by using thin wooden slats to span the open space between two posts—it’ll provide a screen effect similar to what you experience with indoor blinds. Traditional Japanese design trends are often reinterpreted to suit modern design. Consider opting for a more creative geometric screen comprised of squares and rectangles of various sizes. The same design can be used to replace the usual linear rafters overhead.

An Authentic Bohemian Pergola

Ethereal charm can be infused into the design of a pergola through the addition of relevant finishes. It can be fitted with gauzy curtains that billow in the wind and that pair well with an ensemble of comfortable floor pillows to foster a casual bohemian atmosphere. A low day bed decorated with ornate pillows and throws is another bohemian seating option. The material from which the curtain is made can be chosen to suit your desire for privacy, durability, or texture. Glass lanterns, especially when stained using rich gem tones, can give the pergola a free-spirited appearance.

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Wicker furniture serves as an excellent addition to this type of pergola—as do other heavily textured materials with an organic nature. Large bucket-like wicker swings can be suspended from the pergola for a quirky alternative to ordinary seating. These characterful swings tend to look best in a green setting.

You may have the perfect pergola in mind for your landscape design, or you may need help going over the many options. ARJ Landscape can help you think through the possibilities—so that you end up with a hardscape feature and surrounding space that’s admired and used often.