Appliances to Complete Your Outdoor Kitchen Design in Upper Arlington, OHAn outdoor kitchen is a great amenity that makes entertaining a breeze. Once you have one, you’ll wonder what you ever did without having space to cook outside. Having surface area to plate and serve food is just part of an outdoor kitchen—more is needed to complete your out-of-doors cooking and eating area. Whether you’ll be preparing a simple barbecue or a full-course meal, you’ll need the right tools to get the job done. Here are three appliances to complete your Upper Arlington, OH, outdoor kitchen:


The grill is the basic outdoor kitchen appliance that was a must-have even before outdoor kitchens were “a thing.” They are unique because they can only be used outdoors, so they are set apart from the rest of the kitchen appliance family. Grills bring a smoky, delicious flavor to meats and veggies that cannot be replicated indoors, so get a grill you will enjoy during those precious few months out of the year. Get one with plenty of surface space for you to grill enough food to feed you and your guests and still have some leftovers. Most grills either work with gas or propane, so consider which you’d prefer and which would be best for your home’s set-up.

Range Top

Having a range top in your outdoor kitchen is a huge time-saver. It prevents all those trips back into the house for side dishes that need to be warmed up in a pot or pan. You can keep food you’ve grilled warm without overcooking it or drying it out. You can prepare your entire meal outdoors without having to shuffle food, pots, and utensils back and forth. Best of all, you can prepare your food while still among your guests, so no need to miss out on the conversation. A range top can be conveniently installed onto your outdoor kitchen island, giving you the ability to prepare any food outdoors.

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Wine Cooler

A wine cooler is a necessity for the ultimate entertaining experience. Keep all your fruity wines, alcohol, and even beer chilled to the bone and ready for imbibing. Seamlessly installed in the base of your kitchen island, wine coolers usually have tinted glass doors that enable you to see your cooler’s supply so that you can easily refill it when expecting company. You’ll have a go-to spot for storing the bottles your guests bring by, or a place to keep a few bottles in case a surprise guest pops in to visit. Keeping a stash of cold wine is a must for when you’re making sangria on hot summer days. Don’t bother with running inside for your wine or keeping it in a quickly-melting, drippy cooler of ice. Simply add this elegant appliance to your outdoor kitchen, impress your guests, and save yourself the hassle!

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No matter how big or small your party, you will be prepared to entertain with these three appliances in your outdoor kitchen. Whether you’re treating yourself to a simple alfresco lunch or preparing a grand meal for a table full of guests on a summer’s evening, convenience is a wonderful thing to have built in to your outdoor living space. To get started on perfecting all that your landscape can provide or to give what you already have an upgrade, contact one of our landscape specialists today!

Image courtesy of Unilock.