A fire pit could provide the ideal gathering spot for your Powell, OH, home. Imagine the many hours that could be spent relishing the company of family and friends. To make every fire pit experience as enjoyable as possible, comfortable and adequate seating should be factored in when you invest in one. Consider these multiple seating options.


Your lush backyard deserves to be showed off no matter the time of day. As many fire pits are situated in prime landscape locations, semi-circular seating gives each person not only have a great view of the firelight from the fire pit but the entire backyard as well. Will you want them to see the striking water features of your landscape design in addition to the stimulating conversation you’ll be having around the fire? Consider where your guests’ eyes will wander and what landscape features you want to accentuate.

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Standalone Pieces

Another way to have guests seated around your circular fire pit, is to think about standalone furniture that contrasts well with your beautiful patio pavers. This gives each individual the comfort of having their own little “seat nook” right by the fire. Separate seating also allows for a small or multiple small tables that can be strategically placed for easy access to food and beverages. This can be a great option for a relaxed but entertainment-fueled evening, when guests are served throughout the night and don’t have to move an inch if they don’t want to.

Built-in Seating Walls

Outdoor living specialists from ARJ Landscape can aid with the design and construction of circular fire pits that include seating walls. Their regal appearance when constructed with quality materials make the entire look come together. The combination of seating and fire pit provides an overall feel of opulence and ease. We can suggest a number of materials that will suit your design needs and preferences. The fun parts comes with decor. Consider adding splashes of color to your seating wall and provide increased comfort with cushions, throws, and pillows.

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Swing Seats

For a backyard with a more flora-inspired theme, consider standalone chairs, along with a swinging loveseat or single swinging seat. Both of these can be a nice touch for sitting options at your Powell, OH, property. The swinging motion provides more relaxation, and is great whether you’re on your own or in the company of others.

Couches Outdoors

A large, comfortable outdoor couch is a perfect way to get guests never wanting to leave your fire pit area. You can also add chairs of a similar type and push them together arranged in an L-shape for example so that your circular fireplace isn’t completed enclosed. While this option might not provide tons of seating availability, it works just fine for small gatherings, or when it’s just the family spending time together.

Blending Materials

With standalone and separates, there’s another option you can choose. At ARJ Landscaping, we can help with material and color choice to make your fire pit seating area looks amazing. Choose outdoor furniture and pair it with stone benches, for example, to give your guests multiple options on where they want to sit.