Prepare for the Fall Season with These 3 Landscape Design Ideas in Upper Arlington, OH

As summer hurries to a close and fall nears, you may want to consider new landscape elements for your Upper Arlington, OH, property. A fire feature that complements the vibrant golds and reds that will soon be seen on the trees could be a perfect addition. Or perhaps you need new lighting as the days get shorter. Prepare for the fall season with these three landscape design ideas:

Outdoor Fire Features

Nothing says hearty comfort like a warm fire. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits give light, heat, and create inviting gathering places that make for memorable evenings. When functionality and great design combine, what’s left is a hardscape feature that exceeds expectations. You can choose to have both fire features, or choose the one the best suits your style, needs, and existing landscape. Outdoor fireplaces become the focal point of an outdoor kitchen or living room, with comfortable seating for easy access to their warmth. For seating, you have multiple options, including stone seat walls or outdoor furniture with cushions and throws to suit the relaxing vibe the fireplace brings.

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Fire pits also give you options, especially when it comes to where to put one. You can have one on your patio, for example, or as a standalone feature surrounded by comfortable seating. Add a fire pit grill and let the kids enjoy an evening of roasting marshmallows over the fire, or invite friends and socialize in comfort as the fall wind nips and your fire pit warms everyone up.

Lighting for Glam

While fireplaces and fire pits produce natural light, landscape lighting expands the amount of use you can get out of your outdoor space at night. Consider adding downlighting or uplighting to existing features like wall verticals, pillars, and even pergolas and other standalone structures. The right lighting provides a particular ambience, safety, and a way to enjoy your overall landscape design at all hours. As fall comes around and darkness comes earlier, you’ll already be well-prepared.

Take Culinary Delights Outdoors

Imagine the design possibilities that could rival the kitchen you have indoors. Whatever bothers you about your indoor kitchen could be addressed in an entirely new outdoor kitchen. Like fire features, your choices are really up to what you desire. Outdoor kitchen design options include pizza ovens, built-in seating, charcoal grills, grill pads, natural gas conversion, LED lighting systems, a covered area for prep and cooking, and much more.

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Add an outdoor dining room leading from the kitchen for an even more inviting hardscape area. Cooking and entertaining become seamless: You can go from kitchen to plating without having to go indoors. Landscape design professionals can explain the many possibilities for creating culinary-focused outdoor rooms.