Planning a Cover for Your New Albany, OH, Outdoor Kitchen

With outdoor kitchens becoming a popular feature for Albany, OH, properties, making the right design choices can set yours apart. The question of whether you should go covered or uncovered, is one that many a homeowner has faced. Should you decide to opt for additional overhead protection, here are a few things to consider when planning for an outdoor kitchen covering:

Perfect Pergolas

Pergolas are incredibly versatile structures. While their slatted roofs do provide some shade, additions can be made to make them more effective for this function, as well as to provide shelter from light showers. Your outdoor kitchen can have a custom-built pergola that is unique to you. Pergolas can be constructed from wood, steel, aluminium, or vinyl, and can offer a range of options for covering. If you want a natural feel in your kitchen, consider climbing vines that will grow up the sides and over the top of the structure. Fabric that is both stain-resistant and not easily torn or ripped can also be used in the colors of your choice to complement your outdoor kitchen setup. Adjustable louvres or a retractable awning can also be a cool look, that will transform your patio and outdoor kitchen into an at-home al fresco dining hotspot.

Take Advantage of Existing Shade

If you’re considering having an outdoor kitchen, dining and sitting area added to your backyard, along with all the accessories of a modern outdoor kitchen – grill, stovetops, refrigerator, pizza oven, and so on- careful positioning can ensure that the area is shaded at the times when you might need it the most. ARJ Landscape Outdoor Living Specialists can design your outdoor kitchen to take advantage of existing shaded areas, such as those provided by trees, hedges, or your home itself. This can be beneficial for homeowners who would prefer to keep the area open while enjoying the benefit of shade in the afternoon.

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Cabanas Are Versatile

These structures house outdoor kitchens nicely. Though Albany experiences less sunny days in general than the national average, cabanas provide shade for those days, and shelter for the rainy ones. Cabanas are stylish additions to a pool area and can allow you to enjoy backyard cooking and summer poolside fun simultaneously. They also allow for cooking in the cooler months, making them year-round shelters for backyard gatherings. Another reason that cabanas are a versatile choice for this function, is that they can be both attached to the main building (your house), or standalone. This gives you more freedom to decide where you want your outdoor kitchen to be. With any outdoor structure, professional planning is essential. For cabanas, the amount of planning required will be determined by how elaborate the design is. Skilled landscape designers, such as ARJ Landscape Outdoor Living Specialists can help you decide on what kind of cabana you want for your outdoor space. Let us help you with your choice of materials and color to best suit your outdoor kitchen vision, and make your outdoor kitchen design a reality.

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