Inviting and Cozy Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Upper Arlington, OH, Backyards

The most inviting backyards are the ones that truly feel like home. To make your Upper Arlington, OH, backyard feel more inviting and comfortable, consider adding a uniquely and carefully designed outdoor fireplace. With an array of sizes, styles, and designs to choose from, you can surely find an outdoor fireplace that matches your vision and style.

Design the Fireplace of Your Dreams

Custom fireplace designs allow for freedom and flexibility to ensure that you receive a piece that goes with your taste and landscape layout. Our professional and experienced team can assist you in making the best decisions possible for an outdoor fireplace that will work best for your backyard. Because each outdoor fireplace is customizable, you have the ability to decide on the details, including shape, size, color, and materials.

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Different size yards accommodate different types of features, of course, but you can leave the calculations to us. With the help of our skilled and reputable staff, you’ll receive a fireplace that best works with your landscape rather than one that feels overpowering once it’s put in place.

Integrating a Fireplace with Other Features

Outdoor fireplaces may work best when they’re added onto other features. For example, a new or existing patio can be a great place to install an outdoor fireplace. Not only can the fireplace match the theme of the patio with the same materials and design style, but it could take up less space.

You may also want to consider adding a fireplace or fit pit into an outdoor kitchen. What better way to tie together your outdoor living space than by making all of your features centrally located and easy to access?

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A Comfortable and Inviting Atmosphere

One way to enhance an outdoor fireplace design is to add permanent seating around it. This limits the need for freestanding furniture that can quickly break down due to natural wear and tear, and it also utilizes your space in an efficient way.

Permanent seating is an excellent feature for backyards because it’s aesthetically appealing when made with the right materials, and it can creates a clean and organized look for your overall landscape. It could occur through adjacent retaining walls, ledges, even staircases, or it could be custom-made to go right near your new fire feature.

Natural Stone Creates a Classy Aesthetic

The flames of outdoor fireplaces create a warm and welcoming feel that’s extended by the beauty of natural stone designs. If you’re looking to incorporate the tasteful appearance of natural stone into your backyard, an outdoor fireplace is an excellent and functional way to do so.

One great aspect about natural stone is its strength and durability. With the constantly changing climate this time of year, natural stone fireplaces are designed to be beautiful and they’re designed to last, allowing for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy their beauty for years to come.  

Efficient Installations

Outdoor fireplaces are not a feature you have to wait weeks or months to enjoy. Our efficient and highly skilled team can install your outdoor fireplace in a timely manner, allowing you to enjoy it as soon as possible.You can feel confident that your beautifully designed outdoor fireplace will be installed with care.