Incorporate Raised Plant Beds into Your Hilliard, OH, Landscape Design

If you love to garden or simply enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers, raised plant beds can bring order and additional loveliness to your Hilliard, OH, landscape design. Turn your yard into a garden sanctuary with these raised plant bed designs.

Raised Bed Benefits

There are so many benefits to raised beds. While they provide great drainage, they also promote aeration around the roots and plants themselves. They also provide your landscape design with flexibility with various height and shape options. Moreover, weeding is made easier for the gardener of the house because of the higher planting height. And, finally, there are many pests that can’t make their way into raised beds, so unwelcome surprises are reduced with raised plant beds.

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Brick Raised Beds

If you have brick on your house or patio, you might want to consider adding raised beds of the same or a contrasting brick. While continuing the same brick can be a classic look, banding a raised brick bed with a different color or textured brick can add visual interest. Brick beds can incorporate a band of colored and patterned tiles for an unusual twist. Square or rectangular beds bring a clean, geometric order to a yard and can be accented with mulch or grass or pebbles.

Stone Raised Beds

We often think of raised beds as only rectangular or square, but landscape stones can also create dramatic beds of other shapes. Think about having circular stone beds or having a low stacked stone wall placed near a fence for a unique garden bed. Landscape stones can be laid in a freeform way to conform to any landscape characteristic. A stone raised bed that wraps around a tree could be filled with shade loving plants. You could have stone beds built near an existing wood fence and trellises added to encourage vegetables and flowering vines to travel upward. Small stacked landscape stones near a back door could become a practical herb garden for your favorite dishes.

Tiered Raised Beds

Installing tiered raised beds can be the ideal solution to a sloping yard that is difficult to plant. If you have despaired of growing delicious tomatoes and cucumbers, or envied your friend’s flower garden, this could be a solution for you. Multiple tiers allow for planting space for vegetables, small fruits like strawberries, and flowering shrubs or vines. In the fall, cabbages and lettuce would be delicious. A tiered raised bed not only helps to control erosion among your vegetables and flowers but provides a defined area for established planting with a designated walking space.

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Raised beds for planting can be a useful and charming to bring your favorite plants to the landscape in a pleasing way. They allow for ease of planting and watering, while discouraging those pesky slugs and caterpillars that cause damage. When you look out on your yard and see your hard work blooming and growing, you can delight in the fact that raised beds made your gardening dreams possible. An expert landscape specialist can evaluate your site and come up with a landscape design plan for raised beds that will bring joy for years to come.