How to Match a Pergola with Your Bexley, OH, Patio DesignThere are many ways that your existing Bexley, OH, patio can benefit from a pergola. Pergolas are an excellent choice for enhancing design, creating shade, and improving the overall look of your patio area. Still, you don’t just want any pergola, and should instead talk to an ARJ Landscape Outdoor Living Specialist about how to match a pergola to your existing patio design. Here are some ideas:

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Provide Touches of Class

Pergolas can be freestanding or attached to the side of a building. This gives you more flexibility as it relates to choosing one that’s right for your patio design and positioning. An elegant paver patio, matched with a timeless pergola can bring a sense of luxury to your landscape design. If you use your patio as an outdoor living space, specifically an outdoor dining area, consider having your freestanding pergola draped with string lights. In the evenings, and at night, this will create a magical view from all angles, as you entertain beneath pretty, well-placed lighting.

Cabana-style Pergolas for Pool Patios

For a pool patio, you can consider a pergola that is fitted with retractable blinds or shades, outdoor curtains, or canvas fabric. This lets you choose colors that will match your Bexley, OH, patio design and existing furniture. Canvas, or shade cloth, can create an ethereal ambience while keeping you shaded from the sun. A set up like this makes the transition from pool to poolside relaxation effortless. If instead you want to forego time in the pool, retractable blinds allow you to get the tan you want by adjusting the blinds as the sun moves, or keep you shaded until the harsh afternoon sunshine softens. In this way, a pergola shaded by fabric for your pool patio is like having your own private poolside cabana.

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Greenery for Country Cottage-Style Patios

If you prefer a landscape teeming with plant-life, in the form of a Country Cottage theme, your pergola can be another way to subtly add this style to your patio. While potted plants can be simply gorgeous when properly arranged on a patio, a pergola gives you the opportunity to include hanging plants and vines. Flowering vines like climbing roses and wisteria look amazing when used to frame an outdoor dining area, and the blooms will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a secret cottage hideaway. Likewise, the fragrance of honeysuckle can add tremendously to a quaint and peaceful setting. This large, fast-growing creeper can easily cover an entire pergola on its own.  

Consider its Purpose

To have a better idea of what kind of pergola will match your patio design, first consider its purpose. Is it strictly for aesthetic and design value? Is it a way to add more greenery to the patio area, with climbing vines and trellises, for example? Or maybe you just need more shade on sunny days. ARJ Landscape Outdoor Living Specialists are here to help you decide on the style and purpose of your pergola, and to match the structure to your patio so that it blends seamlessly with your existing design.