An outdoor kitchen is a great addition to your Powell, OH backyard. Not only will it give you more reason to spend time outside, it can also increase the value of your property. A good layout will ensure your kitchen is functional and meets all your outdoor cooking needs. Consider these helpful tips when planning your outdoor kitchen.


Start with the Right Location

Choosing the right location for your outdoor kitchen is important. Consider how you want to use your kitchen to decide on the best spot. If you want to host pool parties, a kitchen near the pool will allow the cook be included in the poolside fun. If you’ll be cooking small family dinners, a location close to the house will make trips inside for food and dishes easier.

Once you select the best spot for the kitchen, you can choose the right layout based on the available space in your yard.

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Select the Correct Appliances

Before you can determine the size and layout of your new outdoor kitchen, you need to know which appliances will be included. You know you want a grill, but there are so many other options available. Careful planning will ensure your kitchen includes the right appliances to suit your cooking needs.

Consider a second grill if you like to cook for a large group. You may also want to add side burners and a warming oven so you can prepare entire meals outdoors. Specialty appliances such as a pizza oven, deep fryer or smoker are all popular additions to outdoor kitchens. You can enjoy delicious food without all the grease and smoke in your home. Don’t forget to include room for a sink and fridge, as well as space for food prep and storage.


Grill Island

A grill island is a great choice for smaller yards, or for homeowners who don’t prepare large meals outdoors. This layout combines the grill and any other appliances into one central structure. This compact design usually includes a fridge and sink along with enough counter space to place food down beside the grill. But the options can vary depending on the size of the island.

An island style outdoor kitchen also allows for bar seating, creating a natural gathering space in your yard. Consider a split-level counter to keep cooking and eating areas separate.

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How to Choose the Right Layout for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Powell, OH

L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

An L-shaped outdoor kitchen strikes a balance between flexibility and function. The L-shape layout is easily scalable in size, making it a good choice for small or large properties. The size can also be adjusted to accommodate the right appliances for your needs.

An L-shaped kitchen can include seating along one side, or it can be tucked in a corner if you’re lacking space.


U-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchens with a U-shaped layout are generally larger to provide space to work comfortably within the three counters. While they require more floor space, U-shaped kitchens also offer more counter and storage space and have room for extra appliances.

A U-shaped kitchen is the right choice if you want to prepare entire meals outside in a fully functional kitchen.This layout allows for the popular triangle kitchen design with zones for prep-work, cooking and clean-up. This creates an outdoor kitchen that works just like your indoor kitchen.