Building a Beautiful Paver Patio for Your Ranch Style Home in Powell, OH

Having a ranch style home means all your living space is on a single dimension. Sometimes it means you are limited for usable square footage on your Powell, OH, property, making a paver patio a great way to expand your home’s entertaining capacity. Here are some essential factors to consider when having a paver patio built for your ranch.

Size and Design

First, take into account how large you want your patio. What will be its main uses: cooking, dining, or just lounging? You may not plan to do any cooking at all outside, or if so, just some simple barbecuing. Perhaps you want an outdoor dining set, even if just for casual entertaining like drinks and snacks.

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Even if you only plan to do casual lounging, be sure your patio will be big enough so that your guests will not have to constantly step on and off your patio and worry about falling. Give your patio enough space so that people can safely congregate without feeling cramped.

Second, think about the design you’d like. A classic square or rectangle shaped patio is always good, but you could also opt for a more modern twist like a patio with multiple curves or a circular paver patio. Think about the overall design of your home and what would match best.

Lastly, incorporate some casual seating walls at the perimeter of your patio, both to provide a safety border and to allow some extra seating if you happen to be entertaining a large number of guests. This adds a finished and complete look to your patio.


The factor that will have the biggest impact on your patio is the material that you choose for it. If you want your patio to have a modern style, Senzo and Series by Unilock are both great options. They both have a clean-cut geometric design, solid color palates, and extraordinarily tough, durable surfaces. Both will complement a modern landscape and are made with EnduraColor Plus technology that prevents the face of the pavers from fading.

Another one to consider is Brussels Block, a tumbled paver with a naturalistic look that will give a more relaxed, rustic feel to your patio. Also from Unilock, this paver is available in a variety of neutral colors and looks great when used for accompanying walls, pillars, or any other application. Of course, if you want to be as close to natural as it gets, you could always go with natural stone, like Sandstone or Limestone. Natural stone is extremely durable and can easily withstand the year-round weather changes from ice to rain to sun. Its randomized textures and large size make it a perfect choice to blend into your landscape in the most natural way possible.


Last but certainly not least, furnish your paver patio with whatever you’ll need to fully enjoy your space. Pick a beautiful bench or two and place potted plants on both sides. Enjoy an A-frame swing so you can relax and enjoy the sunset from your beautiful backyard. Lounge chairs are another great choice to sit back and read a book with a refreshing glass of your favorite beverage. Be sure to add some potted flowers and bright pillows, and then kick up your feet!