ARJ Landscaping loves designing and installing pergolas.   They are one of the best ways to create a magic space for your family and friends.

All of our pergolas are designed to provide a graceful and semi-shaded area for fun or relaxing activities.  Unlike “come-on-a-flatbed/’some-assembly-required’” packages, our pergolas are real, one-of-a-kind landscape designs.  They are built by us to be part of your personal landscape for many years.

Because we do all our own landscape designs, we can accommodate virtually any configuration you want – free-standing, attached to a building or pretty much whatever you want.

We build pergolas that have great looks and are designed to enhance not hide your view.

Our advice to folks who want the best pergola design  – with or without the traditional vine coverings– is simple: Call us!

  • We will incorporate your site into a thorough landscape design, usually integrating pavers to make the space more usable
  • We make sure you get all of the open-air/part-shaded benefits of a pergola –sited correctly to make the space more attractive
  • Based on over 20 years of landscape design our pergolas will give you a great space that can be used most of the year


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