You want to be able to spend as much time as possible enjoying your Hilliard OH backyard. But if your yard isn’t equipped for all seasons, it can put a damper on your outdoor fun. Some simple updates to your landscape will help create an outdoor space that’s functional in every season. Try these landscape design ideas to make your backyard more comfortable all year round.


Fire Features

The best way to add warmth to your backyard is to include a fire feature. A fire produces a beautiful ambience and will keep guests warm on chilly days. Whether you choose a fireplace or a fire pit, the design options are almost endless. ARJ Landscape Outdoor Living Specialists use high-temperature fireboxes for all fire features, allowing you to choose between wood or natural gas as your heat source.

A fireplace is a wonderful addition to any outdoor room. It provides an attractive focal point and the structure offers the added benefit of providing some shelter from the wind.

A fire pit provides the perfect outdoor gathering place. We specialize in designing custom fire pits that complement your landscape and existing masonry elements. Benches and seating walls will help define the space and make your fire pit even more inviting.

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Adding heat sources to other areas of your yard will create multiple warm, cozy spaces that will keep guests comfortable, even when they’re away from the fire. Stand-up patio heaters are easy to move around, providing warmth where it’s needed most. Use them on the patio to warm up seating areas, or move them to the dining area for late-season meals outdoors.



Shelter from the elements will make your backyard more enjoyable in any weather. Protection from the sun in the summer is just as important as cover from the rain and snow in spring and winter. There are a variety of different structures that will create an outdoor living space that you can enjoy year-round.

A gazebo is typically a round or octagonal structure with a roof and half-walls. A gazebo is an excellent spot for a dining table or a comfy seating area. A screened-in gazebo will provide a place to enjoy the outdoors free from pesky mosquitoes.

A cabana offers a full roof with open walls and makes an ideal shelter for outdoor rooms. An outdoor living room, dining room or kitchen will be more enjoyable when it’s protected from the elements.

A porch creates outdoor living space right off your house and allows you to enjoy your backyard without having to venture too far in bad weather. A screened in porch means you can spend time outdoors even when the bugs are out in full force. Installing removable windows will provide a winter-friendly outdoor space.

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When fall arrives and the days start getting shorter, the amount of time you can spend in your backyard is reduced. Landscape lighting allows you to make use of your outdoor space at night. Adding low-level lighting on walkways and stairs will reduce tripping hazards and help people move about the property with ease.

Proper lighting will also make outdoor rooms more functional after the sun sets. An outdoor kitchen requires good task lighting for nighttime cooking and clean-up. Lighting around fire features will help guide guests after they step away from the light of the fire. By adding lighting to your outdoor dining area, you’ll ensure that outdoor meals aren’t cut short by impending darkness.

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