Outdoor living in Sunbury, OH, evolves year by year in terms of practicality, comfort, and design. In order to keep up with the latest standards in outdoor living, consider incorporating some of the following features into your next landscape remodel.


A striking softscape

Your flower bed arrangements and lawn can contribute greatly to a captivating landscape design. Consider groupings of many plants of the same variety within a small area, creating a vibrant cluster of a single color that stands out among the rest of the greenery. Bright pinks, reds, and light greens look fantastic when concentrated at single points in the landscape. You can also ensure an abundance of evergreens and have the arrangement of your seasonal plants planned to ensure that areas of the landscape aren’t left bare during winter or fall.

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Sophisticated outdoor rooms

Paved and furnished outdoor spaces have become the standard for outdoor entertainment, and sophisticated homeowners are no longer hosting barbecues out on their bare lawn. Paved areas can also minimize the amount of maintenance that needs to go into keeping the landscape looking its best, as they leave homeowners with less grass to keep watered and mown. Consider creating a luxurious stone patio or paved poolside, fully-equipped with comfortable seating options and plenty of shade. Fire pits and water features can enhance the ambience of an outdoor room and are incredibly popular candidates for the creation of focal points.

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An outdoor kitchen or poolside grill

Eating is a favorite social pastime. This has been true for centuries, and will continue to be the norm for centuries to come. Therefore, consider creating an outdoor kitchen that is well-equipped to facilitate the preparation, cooking, and disposal of food. Not only will this add a new dimension to your outdoor entertainment, it will also eliminate those tiring trips between the home and patio. Alternatively, a poolside grill island can be installed to really punctuate a pool party.

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Landscape lighting

If your landscape isn’t already well-lit after dark, this should be high on your list of priorities for your landscape remodel. A well-lit landscape will minimize the hazards associated with dining and entertaining after dark. In addition, lighting has great aesthetic potential and can contribute towards a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Ensure that outdoor kitchens, dining areas, poolsides, and walkways are well-lit, but avoid utilizing harsh bulbs that may ruin the evening ambience. The lights that frame walkways can even be downturned in order to prevent an unpleasant glare.


Alfresco dining

Eating under the stars can be an unforgettable experience, made magical by the cool evening air, soft moonlight, and sweet silence. However, outdoor dining areas tend to be situated near the home to facilitate quick trips between the indoor kitchen and dining table. This can, unfortunately, take away some of the magic associated with alfresco dining. Consider positioning your dining areas further from the home and surrounding them with greenery. This can result in a more private atmosphere and enhance any natural sounds, such as crickets and the rustling of leaves.


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