The location of an outdoor fireplace can make or break the overall atmosphere and enjoyment of your Arlington, OH, yard. An outdoor fireplace has the potential to be a stunning focal point for your landscape, however, because of its size, if placed incorrectly, it may also detract from a sweeping view or interrupt the flow of a space. Here are some tips to help you find the most suitable location for your fireplace:


Patio Size

How much space is available on your patio for a fireplace? An outdoor fireplace that is proportional to the size of your patio and space available is essential – especially if built-in seating will be added around the fireplace as well. A small fireplace will need around 12 ft x 12 ft of patio space while a large fireplace can require a patio of up to 18 ft x 18 ft.

Patio size is crucial in determining the right location for your fireplace, as the larger the space, the more freedom you’ll have in the placement of the fireplace. The most practical location for an outdoor fireplace is against a wall or in some interesting corner of the patio. Let ARJ Landscape Outdoor Living Specialists help you place your fireplace, as poor placement can make this structure a safety and fire hazard.

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Property Size

A good location for a fireplace is close enough to the house and surrounding structures to ensure easy accessibility. This will also provide an intimate seating area near the home which is sure to become the main gathering space for your family and friends. You might also consider building a separate patio specifically for creating an intimate fireplace setting, situated further from the home if you have the space on your property.

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Near a Pool

If you have a swimming pool or a hot tub, a fireplace can make these areas even more attractive. An outdoor fireplace will add additional warmth and light to the area, which will enhance the ambience of the space. Plus, after an evening swim in your pool, you’ll be able to enjoy the crackling sounds and warmth of your fireplace while you dry off.

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The bulk of an outdoor fireplace can be used to create the ultimate private outdoor setting. However, it is important to keep your beautiful landscape views unblocked.


Local Regulations

Many areas have strict restrictions on where outdoor fireplaces can be built. Following these regulations is key to ensuring safety. For example, an outdoor fireplace cannot be placed beneath a patio covering unless it follows strict building regulations regarding the height of the chimney and the height of the patio coverage. This is to ensure that the space is properly ventilated. ARJ Landscape Outdoor Living Specialists will be able to ensure that all necessary precautions are adhered to.

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Wind Direction

If you live in a particularly windy area, consider placing your outdoor fireplace in the role of a windbreak. This way, you can minimize disturbances from the wind, and you’ll be able to enjoy your fire in a calm and comfortable place.


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