ARJ has been designing and installing fire pits here in Central Ohio for over 20 years. Having a fire pit not only creates a great gathering space on a custom paver patio; it also gives people the opportunity to enjoy their outdoor living space all year round. We offer a wide variety of options for the actual fire area as well, from a gas fire starter for a wood burning fire pit to your traditional wood only, and the option of natural or propane gas powered.

As one of the leading paver landscaping companies in the central Ohio region, we have installed dozens of fire pits as part of our custom landscape designs and received many thanks from our customers – who say their fire pit is focal point of outdoor life any time of year. We can design a fire pit that is so awesome your family and friends – it isn’t just a pile of rocks in a circle when we install them. Our fire pits are beautiful structures that are all custom designed, well installed,
and come in wide variety of stone type and styles. There are many options to choose from, so here are some types to look at so you can make the best
choice to accentuate your outdoor living space.

There are many options to choose from, so here are some types to look at so you can begin to decide which style may be best for you and your outdoor space.

The rectangular fire pit can be one of the most stylish options for your outdoor living space. Some people want more than the traditional round fire pit, and this
design allows you to have something very special! We build them with air intakes at the bottom of a 1-foot high stone rectangle, which produces an elegant and sophisticated modern look and feel. Rectangular fire pits are perfect for the edges of a patio next to a retaining wall or with a paver bench in front of it. The bench provides concierge seating for guests and the rectangular fire pit is a wonderful option for homeowners who enjoy hosting parties outdoors.


A bonfire-style fire pit will fit into any size yard and its round shape allows for family and friends to easily sit around the edges to gather for not only for
warmth, but for entertainment purposes as well.

Add a bench so you have ample seating for everyone and to turn your yard into a place you not only can hang out, but a place you would want to share with family and friends for years to come.



A contemporary fire pit is the perfect option fire pits for those who want to fit a unique shape, even in a unique place like a corner or a slope.

Built-in bench seating around the warm glow is great, like having an outdoor sectional sofa. Those who enjoy watching movies or the big game on cold nights would love to gather family and friends around a new contemporary fire pit to be entertained – while also enjoying the fun of the outdoors.
Whatever you’re looking for or you’re trying to find to fit your space, there is a fire pit option that’s perfect for your needs.