Adorning your Bexley, OH, home’s yard with a pergola is an easy way to transform it from a yard into an outdoor living space. Not only does a pergola radically improve the functionality of your landscape, but it can also work wonders for the aesthetics of your yard. Compared to conventional structures, pergolas are an easy, cost-effective and attractive way to make your yard more appealing and practical.


An open outdoor structure

A pergola has a unique design that allows it to act as a shelter without compromising on airiness. This is mostly down to the use of cross beams for the roof that provide shade without limiting air and light. This structure also has great versatility due to the fact that you can easily add a tarpaulin, curtains, or wooden shades to control the level of exposure to the elements. Some pergolas feature the added function of letting you control the angle of the roof rafters, making it very easy to vary the amount of sunlight let in. This makes a pergola an ideal outdoor room that provides you shelter without inhibiting the outdoor experience.


Convenience and cost

Pergolas feature a very simple design that is easy to manufacture and highly cost effective too. They are a quick installation for a landscaping company and relatively inexpensive compared to more substantial structures such as pavilions and gazebos. The minimalist design also means that the environmental impact and cost of materials is nominal. Moreover, the simple, light design also offers the freedom of being able to change the location of your structure with relative ease even after construction. This will require the help of contractor, but it is possible to accomplish.



One of the biggest advantages of pergolas is their minimalist but classical design. This allows them to work equally well in both modern and traditional landscape designs. You can also easily adapt them with inlays and carvings as embellishments. For those favoring a more modern flavor, the minimalist design of a pergola works just as well with contemporary materials such as metal or fiberglass as it does with wood. The simple design and the wide range of customizability options, whether traditional or modern, makes it easy to adapt pergolas to match the aesthetics of your landscape.

One of the most attractive aspects of pergolas is the support that they can provide for climbing vines. The roof rafters provide an excellent framework through which vines can be draped or woven, giving you a natural roof for your outdoor room. This makes the structure an excellent amalgamation of hardscaping and softscaping, changing in color from season to season along with your plants. In addition to being beautiful, a dense growth of climbing plants also acts as a natural barrier to the elements.


Adding value to your home

Adding any outdoor structure can add value to your home. With a pergola, given the relatively modest cost of construction and installation, the return on your investment can be substantial. A classic pergola, especially one covered with climbing plants, can also have a positive effect on the curb appeal of your home.


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